Oaktree Court Blog – Checking in with Marie
Sunday 6 October 2019

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week? It has been all go here at Oaktree Court and I couldn’t let the week close without sharing a few of these wonderful things with you.

There has been an equestrian theme to part of this week with two events involving involving horses. The first saw one of our ladies head out to visit some horses at their stables, this was hugely important for her & we really wanted to make it happen. You should have seen the joy in her eyes, it was magical. The second actually welcomed a beautiful horse called Polo into the home to visit those residents who find it more difficult to get out. The faces of the residents as they saw this majestic creature being led down the corridors was really a sight to see (you can see some of the pictures at our Facebook page – @OaktreeCourtCareHome).

Everything that we do at Oaktree Court is person centred & we endeavour to organise anything that our residents would like, but some things are a little more out of the ordinary. These things go in to our wishing well for us to spread our Majesticare Magic on & this week we picked out Dawn’s ‘Just For Me’ moment for her to enjoy. A longtime Downton Abbey fan, Dawn has been in eager anticipation of the film being released and this week, accompanied by some of her friends she went off to the cinema to watch the period blockbuster.

Until next time, have a great week.


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