Our Promise

Our warm and compassionate teams understand how emotional and important the decision is choosing a care home for a loved one, even more so in the new world we live in. It’s why we’re dedicated to our promise Keeping Safe Together and looking after the health and wellbeing of our residents and our wider Majesticare family.

We want you to know that you’re making the right choice for the safest new home for your loved one to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

It’s Our Promise to you that we’ll always bring a shared love, kindness and friendship to everyone in our Majesticare Family as we care for and welcome new residents into our home.

Visiting loved ones

It’s lovely to welcome friends & families to safely, visit their loved ones and even more so, that your loved ones can join you for a visit outside of our care home.

We know just how important it is to spend time together creating even more beautiful memories and share such happiness.

Keeping Safe Together – To ensure the safety of everyone in our Majesticare family, we ask you to postpone any visits should you or a member of your household be displaying flu-like symptoms or have recently tested positive for Covid.

Our Care Homes

Keeping everyone safe

Keeping Safe Together ensures every single day our residents, present and future, and their families always feel safe in our homes. It drives us to deliver the care, the lifestyle, and true Majesticare happiness in ways that are and will always be, outstanding.

Throughout our care homes, we’ve added Hextio Air Purifiers to bring cutting-edge, clean air technology into our home. Using “Viruskiller” considered the world’s highest certified clean air technology, the units deactivate viruses and bacteria and eliminate pollution from indoor air.

Clean air technology – how it works >>

Wellbeing for all

At Majesticare we simply love life and we’re dedicated to positivity, happiness and love. We believe it’s our privilege to fill our home with fun, friendship, and for life to be rich and meaningful.  Talented and passionate teams provide our residents with innovative and brilliant activities to stimulate the mind, keep the body active and nurture the soul.

The wellbeing of our teams and our people is so important to us.  Our dedicated people team have developed one of the most advanced employee engagement programmes to reward, recognise and support the special moments and most importantly the everyday life for all of our teams.

This is Keeping safe. Our promise to care for the wellbeing of our Majesticare family

Wellbeing for all >

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