Tea’s Three Wishes for Social Care

Monday 3 June 2024

Meet Tea

Tea is a fabulous Activities Coordinator at Cavendish Park Care Home in Evesham.

What is an Activities Coordinator?

An activity coordinator creates and coordinates enrichment and wellbeing activities for residents. At Majesticare, each care home has a dedicated activities team to ensure that residents feel empowered, happy and stimulated. Majesticare pride themselves on their person centred care and “continue being me” initiatives.

Each resident is completely unique, we like to tailor activities to the resident. Residents can continue to do what they loved to do before they came into the care home. It is often observed that when individuals come into a care environment they lose their passion and independence. Our activities teams are there to make sure residents can continue to be themselves, these teams often consist of an activities lead, assistant and coordinator.

Tea (left) with her Activities Team, Ellie (right) and Kim (middle)

We asked Tea what her three wishes were to transform the world of social care. Tea is passionate about wellbeing provisions in the care environment. See what she had to say…

Empowering Resident

“As an activity coordinator, my first wish would be that the role we play in a care setting could be more highlighted in its importance to the residents wellbeing. My job is not just about ‘playing bingo’, there is much more to it with empowering residents to live their lives as they want to, enhancing their wellbeing and supporting with both their mental and physical health.”

Activity Provision

“My second wish would be that we could increase the involvement of activities in different settings across the sector. Activities is something that can holistically enhance someone’s life in many ways, not just making them happier. It can help them socialise, feel respected and give them a sense of belonging. Activities can give someone a sense of purpose, enabling them to live a more fulfilling life no matter what barriers they may have as it can be adapted to suit them and meet their needs.”

Care Home Perception

“My last wish would be that we could highlight the incredible things that happen in adult social care, particularly within activity provision, through social media, in hopes it would show people that being in a care home can be so much more than sitting and watching the television to pass the days away. Through my role I have already found that we have change this perception with the residents we have welcomed into the home. We are working to change that view in our community. A lot of people only see negative things that can happen in care but we need to shout from the rooftops about the amazing things that happen every day to try and adjust that perception.”

Star at Majesticare

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