Introducing StarHub: Employee Benefits at Majesticare

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Majesticare welcomes VivUp!

At Majesticare, we are committed to the wellbeing of our Majesticare Family, both inside and outside of work. We continuously review and upgrade our benefits to meet the evolving challenges and needs of our team. We are excited to announce the launch of our upgraded employee benefits platform, StarHub, powered by VivUp.

Our dedicated People Team are at the heart of this new StarHub project!

Majesticare’s Head of People, Caren Burton shared with us:

“We are very excited to launch our new StarHub platform. Our focus on quality mental and physical health care has the ability to empower everyone on their own unique wellness journey. We can now offer better discounts which are tailored to our team, a new app for peer-to-peer recognition, and an ever-growing catalogue of Majesticare Wellbeing Initiatives and Rewards. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to supporting our team members’ well-being on every level – and it is all available via an App!”

From their own GP, financial savings and online therapists, here’s what benefits our team can enjoy:

VivUp Wellbeing Support

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with personalized assessments, goals, and tools available in the “Your Care” section. This includes resources for wellbeing, financial planning, mental health support, and lifestyle improvements. The assessments help our team understand risks for conditions like cancer, diabetes, and dementia based on your lifestyle choices and offer guidance on reducing those risks.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the enhanced EAP (Employee Assistance Helpline) provides access to VivUp’s accredited therapists. This in-house service offers confidential support for mental health and wellbeing, available through the “Your Care” section on the landing page.

VivUp GP Services

Probably the most exciting element of the new platform… team members can book consultations with experienced GPs at any convenience. The Online GP service allows the team to schedule video or phone consultations, submit photos or videos for review, and choose between male or female clinicians. Family members in the same household can also use this service free of charge.

VivUp High Five

Our new peer-to-peer recognition platform allows team members to appreciate and reward each other with monetary rewards. Celebrate achievements and milestones with ease!

StarHub, powered by VivUp, is accessible via an app and online browser. The VivUp Highfive platform requires a separate app but can be accessed through the main VivUp app.

VivUp Lifestyle Savings

Our team members can access exclusive discounts and savings across the UK’s major retailers. Enjoy more lifestyle savings with discount codes and special offers.

Our Majesticare Family

We are thrilled to offer these enhanced benefits and are confident they will support and enrich the lives of our Majesticare Family.

If you’re looking to transform your career in care or wanting to kickstart your care journey, Majesticare could be the perfect place for you in your professional development. Visit our career page to learn more about Majesticare as a Real Living Wage Employer and see our latest vacancies. Click below!

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