Global Accessibility Day – Digital Solutions at Majesticare

Thursday 16 May 2024

Digital Accessibility at Cavendish Park

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is an annual event held in May, promoting inclusivity for people with disabilities and impairments. Today we want to focus on the digital accessibility in our Majesticare Care Homes, we understand the importance of providing equal opportunities and experiences for all our residents. Often when residents are go into care they risk losing their independence. However, we believe in enhancing the overall experience for our residents and ensuring residents have their full independence in whatever way we can.

Since the introduction of Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living into one of our Majesticare Care Homes last year, the residents have never looked back! In our commitment to providing innovative and personalised care, Alexa has become a valuable asset, enhancing residents’ comfort and convenience while promoting independence and autonomy.

How does it work?

From ordering food and calling your hairdresser to asking the maintenance team to fix your TV… there is endless helpful possibilities using Alexa within the home. Organise your day with the activities planner. You can even get Alexa to show you your reminders, in case you had something on that day that you forgot about. Keep in touch with relatives, the news, sports, music, home events and more.

Example of an Alexa Command in the care home.

Alexa Menu

See the endless possibilities that Alexa can bring, click the image below to see the full menu of Alexa Commands. It’s like having your own personal assistant!! The Alexa menu also helps residents remember and understand how they interact with the technology, learning from the menu how to enhance their day to day routine.

Click me for the full Alexa Menu!

Launching Alexa at Cavendish Park Care Home

Our journey with implementing new technology began at Cavendish Park, our Majesticare Care Home in Evesham. With over 60 rooms and a dedicated team overseeing each floor, we saw an opportunity to enhance the daily lives of both residents and staff members alike. Initially, the focus was on how Alexa could improve the residents’ routines and overall experience within the home. However, as the digital solution was integrated throughout the entire facility, the benefits for our team became increasingly evident.

Here is a word from our very own CEO, Angela Boxall:

“We are incredibly proud to be one of the first care groups in the UK to introduce Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living at Cavendish Park. Developed to enable our residents to feel more informed, independent and connected, through simple voice commands, loved ones can use Alexa to easily connect with family, friends and our teams who are caring for them.”

The legacy of Alexa Smart Properties

Beyond simplifying tasks and improving efficiency, Alexa’s presence has transformed the way our team operates, fostering a greater sense of purpose and empowerment. By streamlining processes and providing quick access to essential information, Alexa has empowered our staff to deliver even higher levels of care and service to our residents.

Image of Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham.
Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham.

At Cavendish Park, marked the significant milestone for the care home with a  grand launch party filled with live music, delectable drinks, and delightful canapés. The team, residents, and guests came together to witness the unveiling of this innovative addition to our home, creating a lively and memorable atmosphere. The launch party not only served as a platform to introduce Alexa to their community but also provided an opportunity for everyone to embrace the spirit of innovation and progress.

A word from Meryem Tom, Director Alexa Enterprise EU, Amazon:

“We’re excited to extend the experiences that customers already love to European care homes and assisted living facilities and give providers new ways to support their staff while delivering personalized care for their residents. We believe the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many scenarios, in and outside of the home”

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