Earth Day: Environmental Sustainability at Majesticare

Monday 22 April 2024

What is Earth Day?

Celebrated every year on the 22nd April, Earth Day is a global event dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to protect our planet. It serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. People around the world participate in Earth Day by organising clean-up events, planting trees, advocating for policy changes, and raising awareness about environmental issues through education and social media. It’s a day for individuals, communities, and organisations to come together and make a positive impact on the health of our planet for future generations.

Fostering Environmental Responsibility at Majesticare

At Majesticare, our dedication to environmental sustainability influences many aspects of our operations. From conserving energy and water to promoting waste reduction, we’re committed to minimising our ecological footprint. This includes simple yet impactful measures such as turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, recycling batteries, and embracing digital platforms to reduce paper usage. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, we strive to create a more sustainable future for our residents and the planet.

We also encourage carers to hang clothing items like jumpers, cardigans, and skirts in wardrobes for re-wear if they remain clean, promoting garment reuse and reducing textile waste. Additionally, we actively recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and other materials wherever possible, diverting waste from landfills and fostering a circular economy. Moreover, we curtail heat loss by closing curtains during winter months, minimising the need for excessive heating and lowering energy consumption.

Majesticare is also committed to reducing our carbon footprint by reviewing our policies and practices. We’re assessing our suppliers to ensure sustainable waste disposal and protect biodiversity. Additionally, we’re implementing a car-sharing scheme among our team members and providing Environmental, Social, and Governance training to enhance awareness. Our care homes actively engage with the community, whether it’s through tree planting, litter picking, redistributing leftovers to minimize food waste, or providing warm meals.

Through collective efforts and a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, we aim to lead by example. By implementing sustainable practices and encouraging mindful consumption, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also inspire positive change within our communities. Together, as part of the Majesticare family, we can make a significant difference in preserving the planet for future generations.

Connections to the earth

Milton Ernest Hall Care Home

Milton Ernest Hall Care Home, Bedfordshire is home to a beautiful Glen Miller Memory Care Garden, as well as being set in the piquturesque bedfordshire countryside. Activities Co-Ordinator Matilda and some of the lovely residents have been working on planting seeds ready to see the garden bloom during the summer. It is a perfect sun-kissed spot for all to enjoy!

Milton Ernest Hall’s Memory Garden.

Beloved resident Mary savours her daily strolls through the gorgeous grounds of Milton Ernest Hall. Mary has recently taken on the challenge of doing a sponsored walk around the grounds, raising funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s chairty.

Mary on her daily stroll around Milton Ernest Hall.

Residents also foster a connection with nature through frequent flower arranging workshops, delighting in the artistry of arranging vibrant spring blooms.

The team have also been organising a Nature Hunt with local schools to count up the wonderful variety of wildlife that are living amoungst the grounds of Milton Ernest Hall.

Cavendish Park Care Home

At Cavendish Park Care Home in Evesham, residents cherish their connection to nature within the home’s serene surroundings. With a picturesque courtyard and garden featuring raised flower beds, residents eagerly tend to the vibrant blooms. Among them is Happy, who tends to her own garden outside her room and delights in the morning visits from birds, including her beloved pet budgie.

Cavendish Park’s beautiful garden and courtyard.

Another resident, Elaine, finds solace in daily walks around the garden, meticulously grooming the flower beds to keep them looking lovely. Their dedication to nurturing the natural beauty of Cavendish Park reflects the profound connection between residents and the earth this Earth Day.

Residents enjoying leisurely strolls around the local parks.

Oaktree Court Care Home

Oaktree Court Care Home, set in fourteen aches of beautiful Somerset countryside, it is home not only to wonderful residents but also an abundants of wildlife.

Oaktree Court Care Home stood in 14 aches of stunning Somerset countryside.
Oaktree Court Care Home stood in 14 aches of stunning Somerset countryside.

Deer can often be seen grazing on the lawns, bringing much joy to residents, our team and visitors. Oaktree Court also have a dedicated area for Bee Huts, in which the home make their very own honey! The honey is then used within the home and gifted to visitors. Yummy!

Oaktree Court Care Home's homemade honey!
Oaktree Court Care Home’s homemade honey!


Conscious food catering

Within our Majesticare Care Homes we’re passionate about providing diverse and environmentally-conscious dining experiences. Our kitchen teams go above and beyond to introduce exciting vegetarian and vegan options to our menus every month. Additionally, they prioritise using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Not only does this guarantee freshness, but it also reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Join us in savouring delicious meals that are both kind to your palate and the planet!

Experience Fine Dining at Cavendish Park Care Home!

Cavendish Park are Paper Free!

At Cavendish Park Care Home in Evesham, our Majesticare Team has embraced the digital age by going completely paperless! From conducting inductions to providing training, our team utilises convenient digital tools to fill out worksheets and forms. This initiative marks another significant step in reducing our Majesticare Carbon Footprint!

Majesticare Team Member uses iPad to do induction worksheets.
Cavendish Park has gone completely paperless!!

By embracing sustainable practices from small changes like turning out the light when a room isn’t in use, to going paperless we all have a responsibility and the ability to make a positive difference to our planet this #EarthDay!

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