February’s Majesticare Grant Awarded to Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham

Thursday 11 April 2024

Cavendish Park Care Home supporting Evesham Defibrillators

Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham have been fundraising to support Evesham Defibrillators to have a difibrillator installed on the exterior of the home, to support the local community.

February’s Majesticare Grant

At Majesticare, we believe in fostering a culture of support and community empowerment. One of the ways we manifest this ethos is through our Majesticare Grant Scheme, designed to offer assistance to charitable causes and community projects close to the hearts of our team members. Each month, we have the privilege of witnessing the impact of these grants, and in February 2024, our spotlight shone brightly on a project close to home: the Evesham Defibrillators initiative.

Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham, Worcestershire.
Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham, Worcestershire.

The Evesham Defibrillators project is a shining example of community-driven action with a noble mission at its core. The project aims to supply, fit, and maintain defibrillators in the Evesham community. This endeavour not only serves the local populace but also holds potential benefits for the residents and team members of Cavendish Park.

In their application, the Cavendish Park team outlined their plan to install a defibrillator outside their premises. This strategic placement not only enhances the safety of their immediate environment but also extends a lifeline to the broader community. With a total cost of £1200 for the defibrillator and £2622 for maintenance over five years, the team embarked on a fundraising journey, aiming to supplement their efforts with the help of Majesticare Grants.

Our February Judge

Neil Flack, from the Care Workers Charity.
Neil Flack, from the Care Workers Charity.

Neil Flack, National Accounts Manager for The Care Workers Charity, undertook the responsibility of selecting the February grant recipient.

Having evaluated numerous compelling applications, Neil highlighted the significance of the Evesham Defibrillators project in enhancing lifesaving resources for Cavendish Park and the wider community. His decision to award £250 to this initiative shows the importance of such endeavours in ensuring the safety and well-being of all.

 I’m very honoured to have been chosen as Judge for the February 2024 grant award on behalf of Majesticare. I am delighted to choose the Evesham Defibrillator application as my chosen grant who will receive £250.00.

The Evesham Defibrillators project serves as a reminder of the transformative power of collective action. Through the generosity of Majesticare Grants and the dedication of community champions like the Cavendish Park team, we pave the way for a safer, more compassionate future. Together, let us continue to champion causes that unite us and uplift those in need, embodying the spirit of care that defines Majesticare and its commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, the Cavendish Park Team’ fundraisng efforts did not stop there. On Thursday 28th March, 2024, the team hosted a community Tea Dance at the newly built Baptist Church, across the road from Cavendish Park Care Home.

People dancing at the Tea dance at Evesham Baptist, organised by Cavendish Park Care Home.
The Tea Dance in full swing with community members and Cavendish Park residents coming togther for a group dance.

With a fantasic turn out from those living in the local Evesham area, the Cavendish Park team were able to raise a further £1,236 for the installation of the of a difibrillator.

Residents of Cavendish Park Care Home, also contributed to the fundraising efforts, as the resident lead Knit and Natter group had been busy knitting chicks, which were filled with a Cadbury’s cream egg and sold at £1 each. One of the sweet knitted chicks even managed to go global, making it’s way all the way over to Tokyo!

A Cavendish Park knitted chick in Tokyo!
A Cavendish Park knitted chick on a Tokyo adventure!

We saw the knitted chick check in at the Shibuya Crossing, the Tokyo National Museum, Rikugien Gardens and the Meiji-jingu shrine.

A Cavendish Park knitted chick visiting the Rikugien Gardens.
A Cavendish Park knitted chick visiting the Rikugien Gardens.

What a fundraising adventure! Knitted chicks, a community Tea Dance and a Majesticare Grant all in aid of supporting the safety of Cavendish Park Care Home’s local community, we champion causes that unite us, uplift and support our local communities, embodying the spirit of care that defines Majesticare.


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