Ellie Takes the Leap: Supporting NAPA’s Living the Dream Fund

Friday 22 March 2024

Ellie's NAPA Skydive

Majesticare have worked closely with the initiatives of the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) for years now. Implementing their creativity and energy into a number of our activities in each and every home. We are delighted to announce that Ellie Lucas, Activities Lead at Cavendish Park, is taking on a thrilling challenge—a Skydive for NAPA! This exhilarating endeavour is not just about facing her fears of heights but also about supporting a cause that is incredibly close to her heart.

Ellie considering what being an Activity Provider means to her

In her role at Cavendish Park, Ellie has had the privilege of working closely with NAPA as an APA group member. NAPA’s unwavering support has empowered Ellie to better serve her residents and has opened doors to invaluable opportunities for personal and professional development.

The reason for Ellie’s big leap is NAPA’s Living the Dream Fund. This fund aims to create magical moments for older adults by providing them with unique and personalised experiences. Witnessing the joy and fulfilment these moments bring to residents has fuelled Ellie’s belief in the impactful work that NAPA does across the care sector.

To learn more about NAPA’s Living the Dream Fund, click here!

Ellie with the residents at Cavendish Park

After successfully completing Trek 26 for the Alzheimer’s Society last year, Ellie was eager to embark on another challenge in support of a meaningful cause. When presented with the opportunity to take a leap for NAPA through a skydive in August, she initially hesitated. Skydiving wasn’t something Ellie had ever considered, given her discomfort with heights. However, after careful consideration, she realised that this leap of faith would not only push her out of her comfort zone but also raise vital funds for NAPA’s invaluable initiatives.

There’s so many incredible causes out there that will be close to different peoples hearts

Ellie emphasising the importance of collective action in driving change!

While she may be nervous about the skydive due to her lack of comfortability with heights, the overwhelming support Ellie has received from NAPA, her family at Majesticare, and the residents at Cavendish Park has filled her with excitement and determination. Ellie reminds herself that this is all for an amazing cause and this makes it worth it!

Ellie and her sister taking part in the Trek 26 for the Alzheimer’s Society

As Ellie prepares to take the leap, she invites others to join her in supporting NAPA’s Living the Dream Fund. Her target of £500 has reached it’s half way mark… can you help Ellie achieve her money goal? You can help NAPA create more magical moments for older adults and make a meaningful difference in their lives. Donate to Ellie’s Skydiving NAPA Page here!

To send Ellie your #CommentsOfKindness and wish her the best of luck in her impressive endeavours, visit the Cavendish Park Facebook Page… click here!

Ellie’s Care Home, Cavendish Park in Evesham

At Majesticare we are passionate about supporting our teams community projects, this is why we run Majesticare Grants! Each month a member of the Majesticare Family is able to receive £250 of Majesticare Funds, Majesticare Time or even expertise. An application is picked out the hat every month. We give what help we can to support their charity or community project. During Ellie’s Alzheimer’s Trek we contributed £250 to support her in this endeavour.

What is important to our team is extremely important to us.

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