Bringing Joy Through Animal Therapy

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Animal Therapy at Majesticare

What is animal therapy?

Animal therapy is rooted in a human to animal bond, it offers a unique avenue for emotional and physical healing. By engaging with friendly animals this can help

  • Alleviate boredom
  • Promote movement through play and interaction
  • Improve mood and general wellbeing
  • Increase social reactions
  • Reduce loneliness through companionship

Studies have shown that positive interactions with animals can significantly reduce stress levels and enhance mental and emotional health. Animal therapy can serve various purposes, from providing comfort and pain relief to improving motor skills and fostering social and behavioral development.

It might even be memory provoking – reminding your residents of profound and loving pets they had in their life. Whether it’s offering solace, encouraging movement, or boosting motivation, the benefits of animal therapy extend far beyond the surface, enriching the lives of our residents in many ways.

Farm Visits

At Cavendish Park Care Home in Evesham, a visit from a farm and their array of friendly animals made an enriching experience. The visit left delighted smiles on the faces of their residents and created cherished memories.

One of the highlights of the visit was the introduction of a rescued rabbit to the residents. As the rabbit made its rounds, visiting residents in their rooms, it sparked joy and engagement among even those who typically shy away from activities. Residents reminisced about their own experiences with animals, sharing stories and forming connections that transcended generations.

Gill, a resident with a wealth of knowledge about animals, took the opportunity to identify the breed of the rabbit, drawing from her own childhood experiences. This moment of connection not only showcased Gill’s expertise but also highlighted the depth of engagement that animal therapy can foster.

Resident Beryl enjoying the company of the friendly rabbit.

Despite the chilly weather, the residents eagerly embraced the outdoor setting, bundling up in coats to explore the farm in Cavendish Park’s own garden! Meeting Patrick and Michael, the sheep and the goat, a friendly pig named Sandra, and even playful chickens roaming the garden, there was no shortage of excitement and wonder.

The benefits of animal therapy were evident throughout the visit. The farm visit provided our residents with a welcome respite from the routine, offering moments of joy and connection that will be cherished long after the animals have returned to the farm.

Animal and Pet Therapy at Cavendish Park

At our care home in Evesham, Cavendish Park, the therapeutic power of animal visits extends far beyond simple interactions – it touches the lives of our residents in meaningful ways. From heart-warming moments of connection to bursts of joy and laughter, the presence of animals at our home has become an integral part of our residents’ happiness and well-being.

One such resident, a lovely lady who doesn’t often participate in activities, lights up at the sight of animals, particularly dogs. Despite her usual reserved nature, she eagerly joins in when furry friends visit, showering them with affection and cuddles. The joy she experiences during these moments lingers long after the animals have left. While we’re unable to capture her delight in photographs due to media permissions, her radiant smile serves as a testament to the profound impact of animal therapy.

Similarly, a gentleman who resides on our memory care community finds solace and connection in the presence of animals, particularly sheep. His face lights up with pure joy when relatives bring their dogs to visit, tapping into cherished memories of his own beloved pet. The arrival of real lambs elicits an even brighter smile, sparking heartfelt conversations and moments of pure happiness.

Sandy, another cherished member of the Cavendish Park family, is known for her deep affection for dogs. Always prepared with a bag of treats in her purse, she eagerly awaits the arrival of furry visitors, delighting in the opportunity to spoil them with love and attention. Over time, several dogs have learned to seek her out for a special treat, forging heart warming bonds that bring joy to both Sandy and her four-legged friends.

See Resident Sandy on the left with her Furry Friend!

And let’s not forget residents Happy and Brenda, who find companionship and comfort in their feathered friends, Ronnie and Toby. With their budgies by their side in their rooms, they experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment, nurturing their pets with care and affection.

Resident Happy with her Companion Budgie.

Cavendish Park Care Home are dedicated to creating moments of joy, connection, and comfort, and the presence of animals is just one of the many ways we strive to enhance the wellbeing of those we serve.

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Cavendish Park Care Home, Evesham

Animal and Pet Therapy at Milton Ernest Hall

Experience the beauty of Milton Ernest Hall Care Home, a hidden gem nestled in the Bedfordshire Countryside. As a Grade 1 listed residence, the care home offers an intimate atmosphere with just 23 beds, ensuring each resident receives person-centred care and meaningful connection… even if that’s with animals!!

Residents visit the ponies at Keysoe Therapy Centre

It is very impressive what visitors Milton Ernest Hall have have in their home including furry friends, ponies, parrots, hedgehogs, lizards and more! The residents have the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals. These delightful encounters not only provide emotional support but also encourage physical movement and engagement, enhancing the overall wellbeing of the residents. These special moments of connection with nature underscore their commitment to creating a vibrant and enriching environment where residents can thrive.

A lovely resident with Albert the Parrot!

Whether you’re seeking compassionate care for a loved one or simply intrigued by our unique approach to senior living, we invite you to discover more about Milton Ernest Hall and the exceptional services we offer. Click here to explore the possibilities of life at our esteemed care home.

Milton Ernest Hall during a lively summer community event!

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