A December to Remember: Celebrating the Magic of Christmas at Majesticare

Monday 8 January 2024

The end of a magical holiday season!

The holiday season has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of enchanting memories across the Majesticare family. From festive performances to heart warming community engagements, December was a magical month filled with joy, laughter, and shared moments. 

Let’s take a journey through the highlights of each of our home’s celebrations, as residents and team members came together to create a truly special and memorable Christmas.

Cavendish Park Care Home

The Cavendish Park family kicked off the holiday season with an incredible Morris dancing extravaganza orchestrated by Cavendish Park’s Mentor, Tracy. The festivities continued with a delightful Christmas lunch at Crowthorne Village Hall, a Cavendish Park Awards Gala, and an intergenerational Christmas Debutots event. Special performances, including Makaton sign language and Christmas songs, added an extra layer of magic. The month concluded with a spectacular Christmas pantomime, “Puss in Boots,” leaving residents and team members with smiles and warm memories 

Oaktree Court Care Home

Oaktree Court embraced the festive spirit with a surprise visit from Bluebell, the Christmas Goat, setting the stage for a month of heart warming surprises. Residents enjoyed relaxing evenings with sherry and mince pies, delightful Saturday afternoon carols, and crafting their own Christmas centrepieces. The home also sponsored the Wellington under-11 team, spreading the Christmas spirit beyond its walls. The grand finale was the Christmas Party, featuring live music, a visit from Santa, and festive costumes, making it an unforgettable celebration. 

Milton Ernest Hall Care Home

Milton Ernest Hall glowed with the spirit of Christmas throughout December. The month began with a coffee morning for a cause, supporting The Trussell Trust & Bedford Foodbank. Residents embraced festive fashion on Christmas Jumper Day and enjoyed a Christmas Fayre with local stalls and a visit from Santa. The home celebrated resident Ilsa’s Austrian heritage with a special menu and embraced diversity. Festive events like a brunch with loved ones, a Christmas colouring competition, and a heart warming visit from Healthwatch Bedford Borough added to the enchantment of the season.  

A Magical Month of Festivities at Cavendish Park Care Home 

At Cavendish Park Care Home, the holiday season has been nothing short of magical, filled with joy, laughter, and heart warming moments. From enchanting performances to delightful community engagements, our residents and team members have experienced a December to remember. 

Morris Dancing Extravaganza: Kicking off the festive celebrations, our incredible Mentor Tracy orchestrated a mesmerizing Morris dancing performance that left everyone in awe. Tracy herself dazzled in the performance, adding a touch of magic to the day. 

Christmas Delights at Crowthorne Village Hall: Our fabulous ladies were treated to a delightful Christmas lunch at Crowthorne Village Hall, hosted by the village people. The event featured not only sumptuous food but also a special Christmas play performed by the talented children of Abby Park first school, bringing an extra sprinkle of holiday magic. 

Cavendish Park Awards Gala: A Day dedicated to celebrating our extraordinary team and residents unfolded with the Cavendish Park Awards. Accompanied by the enchanting tunes of Steve, and a surprise appearance by a celebrity guest, the awards ceremony was a magical afternoon filled with appreciation and gratitude. 

Intergenerational Christmas Debutots: On December 14th, the home hosted a heart warming Christmas Debutots, bringing different generations together for a fun-filled afternoon of activities. The joyous atmosphere resonated throughout as residents and visitors shared the festive spirit. 

Makaton Sign and Christmas Songs Spectacle: A special performance featuring Makaton sign language and Christmas songs showcased the talents of both our mentor Tracy and resident Sandy. The pride and joy in their participation added an extra layer of magic to the holiday season. 

PianoHedgehog’s Christmas Serenade: The home was filled with music and cheer as PianoHedgehog graced us with a delightful Christmas sing-along. Special guests from the Freedom Day Centre, along with a surprise visit from Father Christmas and his head elf Ellie, added an extra touch of enchantment. 

Kiddleydivey Cotswolds – Adults Extravaganza: Getting into the Christmas spirit, residents sang along to festive tunes with the amazing Kiddleydivey Cotswolds, bringing smiles and laughter to every corner of Cavendish Park. 

Christmas Karaoke and Dancing Fun: Laughter and joy echoed through the halls during a brilliant Christmas karaoke session. Residents sang and danced along to their favourite songs, creating unforgettable moments of festive merriment.  

Happy the Elf’s Special Deliveries: Happy the Elf made a return, delivering presents and spreading Christmas joy throughout the Cavendish family. Residents were reminded of their value and uniqueness, creating smiles and warm feelings all around.  

Strengthening Community Bonds: Community Lead Kim Malynn ventured into the community, visiting Evesham and District Meeting Centre as well as Sight Concern Worcestershire, reinforcing the strong partnership between Cavendish Park Care Home and local community groups. 

Frances Fry’s Melodic Christmas Afternoon: Residents enjoyed a melodic afternoon with Frances Fry, singing along to Christmas songs and dancing. The festive spirit was palpable, creating a delightful atmosphere for all. 

Puss in Boots Pantomime Extravaganza: The week concluded with a spectacular performance of “Puss in Boots” by Martha and Stephen from Northeast Producers Ltd. Community Lead Kim’s daughter, Kate, made a special guest debut as the princess, adding a magical touch to the pantomime. 

As we wrap up this jam-packed festive month in December, the air at Cavendish Park Care Home is filled with the echoes of music, laughter, and the warmth of shared moments. This holiday season has been truly magical, bringing together residents, team members, and the local community in a celebration of joy and togetherness. Here’s to a new year filled with continued enchantment and happiness!

A Whirlwind of Enchantment: Celebrating the Magic of Christmas at Oaktree Court Care Home 

As the festive spirit swept through Oaktree Court Care Home, the month of December unfolded like a magical storybook, filled with heart warming surprises, joyous celebrations, and acts of kindness that touched every heart. Let’s take a journey through the enchanting moments that made this Christmas season truly special. 

Bluebell’s Surprise Visit: The magic began with a surprise visit from Bluebell, the Christmas Goat! Laughter and festive spirits filled the air, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. Bluebell brought not just joy but a touch of whimsy to the home, leaving everyone with smiles that lasted throughout the day.  

Relaxing with Friends, Sherry, and Mince Pies: In the spirit of festive relaxation, residents gathered with friends for an evening of Christmas music, sherry, and homemade mince pies. The warmth of friendship and the delicious aroma of Christmas filled the air, creating an atmosphere of pure holiday bliss. 

Delightful Saturday Afternoon Carols: Marian and Zoe orchestrated a delightful Saturday afternoon filled with the harmonious notes of Christmas carols. The joyful tunes resonated through Oaktree Court, bringing together residents in a festive celebration of community and music. 

Mince Pie Crafting and Mulled Wine: Residents took part in crafting their own mince pies, expertly paired with delicious, mulled wine. The aroma of Christmas baking wafted through the home, creating a sensory experience that truly immersed everyone in the magic of the season. 

Wellington Silver Band’s Christmas Carols: The Wellington Silver Band graced Oaktree Court with their musical talents, bringing back cherished memories for Mrs. Fox and her daughter. The nostalgic carols added a touch of tradition and sentiment to the festive celebrations.  

Mentor Jem’s Heart Warming Gesture: Mentor Jem, after completing an End-of-Life Midwifery Course, crafted TLC boxes for residents nearing the end of their journey. These thoughtful boxes, along with community-knitted hearts, connected families across distances, bringing comfort and love during difficult times. 

Christmas Centrepiece Master Class: In a festive delight, Michelle from Bloomin Lovely Flower Shop led a Christmas Centrepiece Master Class. Residents crafted their own enchanting decorations, adorning the dining room with a touch of Christmas magic that added to the joy of shared meals.  

Food and Fizz Christmas Event: An amazing evening unfolded at the Food and Fizz event, where live music from Marion accompanied traditional Christmas songs. The fantastic kitchen team prepared a feast, creating a perfect setting for residents, family, and friends to come together in celebration. 

Recognising 20 Years of Dedication: A moment of pride and celebration as Julia was presented with a Majesticare Star Award and beautiful flowers for her 20 years of dedicated service at Oaktree Court. Here’s to the next 20 years of making a difference!  

Sponsoring Wellington Under-11 Team: Oaktree Court proudly sponsored the Wellington under-11 team with new training jackets, spreading the Christmas spirit beyond the home and into the local community.  

Gingerbread House Creation: Residents spent a delightful morning creating their very own gingerbread house, adding a sprinkle of sweetness to the festive preparations. 

Christmas Eve Carols with Julian Breeze: On a traditional Christmas Eve morning, Julian Breeze and his wife filled the home with the beautiful melodies of Christmas carols, creating a magical ambiance before the big day. 

Christmas Party Extravaganza: The grand finale was the Christmas Party at Oaktree Court, where ear-to-ear smiles, live music, a special visit from Santa, and delightful Chocolate Father Christmases made the celebration truly unforgettable. Festive costumes added an extra sparkle, spreading joy and laughter throughout the home. 

As the echoes of Christmas carols and the warmth of shared moments linger, Oaktree Court reflects on a month filled with enchantment and joy. The magic of the season was not just witnessed but felt in every corner of the care home, creating memories that will continue to shine bright in the hearts of residents, team members, and their families. Here’s to a new year filled with continued magic and moments of pure, heartfelt happiness!

A Month of Enchantment: Celebrating the Magic of Christmas at Milton Ernest Hall Care Home 

 Milton Ernest Hall Care Home has been aglow with the spirit of Christmas, weaving a tapestry of joy and enchantment throughout the month of December. From heart warming community events to cherished celebrations within the home, let’s dive into the magical moments that have made this festive season truly extraordinary. 

Coffee Morning for a Cause: The season of giving kicked off with a lovely Christmas Coffee morning in support of The Trussell Trust & Bedford Foodbank. Residents, their families, and friends gathered for coffee, cake, and heart warming conversations. Big Dave, our furry friend, even donned a Christmas jumper to spread cuddles and cheer, creating a festive atmosphere that warmed everyone’s hearts.  

Festive Fun on Christmas Jumper Day:  Embracing the festive spirit, Milton Ernest Hall residents adorned their Christmas jumpers with pride. The Wheel of Happiness brought joy through gift-giving, and the home truly “sleighed” the Christmas Jumper Day with a delightful display of festive fashion.      

Christmas Fayre Extravaganza: Residents and visitors were treated to a delightful Christmas Fayre, featuring local stalls, mince pies, mulled wine, and the possibility of meeting Santa himself. Mrs. Claus worked her magic in the enchanting Santa’s Grotto, spreading Christmas joy to both young and old. A Christmas carol singalong and a special birthday celebration for resident Jean added to the festive magic. 

Celebrating Rich Cultures and History: A special celebration unfolded as the home honoured 101-year-old resident Ilsa and her rich Austrian heritage. With a menu featuring Turkey schnitzel and Apple Strudel prepared by the brilliant Chef Neil, the occasion showcased the importance of celebrating the diverse cultures and histories of the residents.


Festive Brunch with Loved Ones: A heart warming Festive Brunch welcomed friends and families to join their loved ones for a morning of relaxation, winter drinks, and tasty Christmas nibbles. The event fostered a sense of togetherness and joy.

Christmas Colouring Competition and Winners:  Residents showcased their artistic talents in a Christmas Colouring Competition, adding a creative touch to the festivities. Winners Millie and Lucy, aged 5 and 10 respectively, were celebrated for their beautiful creations with Christmas hampers. The competition added an extra layer of joy and excitement to the season. 

Heart Warming Healthwatch Bedford Borough Visit: The week concluded with a heart warming visit from Healthwatch Bedford Borough. The care home team, passionate and dedicated to bringing smiles to residents every day, received a glowing report. The appreciation and value expressed by residents, their families, and the community added to the sense of accomplishment and joy within the team. 

 As the echoes of Christmas carols fade away, Cavendish Park, Oaktree Court, and Milton Ernest Hall Care Homes reflect on a December filled with enchantment, joy, and shared celebrations. The magic of the season brought residents, team members, and the local community together, creating memories that will endure. As we usher in a new year, these care homes look forward to continued magic and moments of shared happiness in the days to come. 🌟🎄✨ 

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