The Reveal of our Star Award Finalists!⭐

Monday 6 November 2023

The moment we've all been eagerly anticipating has arrived!

It is time to unveil the Majesticare Star Award Finalists for 2023! Who will be joining us on the 30th of November for an extraordinary night that promises to be #OutOfThisWorld!🚀

The Above and Beyond Shooting Star Award is given in recognition of a persons dedication to always going the extra mile!

And the finalists are…

Jeanette Phelps

“Jeanette always looks to uplift her colleagues and finds solutions to problems. She always recognises her teams effort and often puts them forward for recognition awards. She also selflessly takes on extra tasks to lighten others load.”

Irma Gonzales

“This lady needs no introduction. Already award winning, but wow does she deserve it. This is not just a nurse, this is a nurse that blows all others into the atmosphere. Re-name this award, The Irma Award!”

Tracey Harvey

“Fantastic nurse to work with, she is always there to help and taking care of everyone just like a mum.”

Ben Dishart

“So kind and thoughtful. I’ve seen him kneeling on the floor with a resident who felt unsafe taking time with them to comfort them, take a new resident under his wing and let that gentleman be constantly with him and always be aware of the needs of the residents surrounding him without them having to demonstrate a need.”

Ellie Lucas

“Ellie fits the title of this award to a T. She constantly goes above and beyond expectations of her role because she loves her job and bringing happiness to our residents, family and friends. She is well liked and respected by everyone she works with, she has a kind heart, and she likes to get people involved spreading happiness and laughter.”

Tracey Maksymowicz

“For going above and beyond and being very detailed in training, helping to understand the way the home works, genuinely caring about how well everyone progresses through our journey with Majesticare. Being so passionate about everything she does.”

Stephen Hickman

“Steve going the extra mile is part of his working day everyday.  When I started at CP, one task was to get the exercise studio in shipshape for a community project that I had arranged, I had one month to get the project up and running, Steve as always was patient and kind finding new homes for the equipment we needed to move, he was creative with his ideas. He has a very warm personality, the resident’s warm to him but also know they can ask him for help and he will do his upmost to get the job done, with a smile that makes our resident’s happy. He breezes through the day whatever he’s doing he’s always caring and thoughtful and will always get the job finished . He is a big and important part of the CP family and spends time building relationships.”

The Interstellar Head of Departments Award recognises team work and those who keep the structure of the home teams together and provide the foundations which build continuous improvement.

And the finalists are…

Veli Aliev

“Veli has always worked hard to resolve and improve. This year has been particularly challenging for him since May when Veli found himself being the only Chef available. We have struggled to recruit into this role and Veli has really come up in triumphs. His passion to do it for the residents is evident his reluctance to use agency chefs in “his kitchen” has meant that he has chosen to work additional shifts to keep the kitchen running smoothly. Yes he has had to reduce the menu, yes he has had to work long hours but he has done this with a calm steadiness that has meant the residents always has home cooked meals and his commitment has not gone unnoticed. He keeps a steady team who have worked together for many years. Veli you have been nothing short of incredible!”

Regina Chanpda

“Regina has supported me over the last couple of months. She has ensured that the clinical standards in the home has remained at a high standard. She has guided and directed the nurses resulting in a strong, confident team.”

Alina Duta

“Alina has a brilliant team and manages them perfectly . From a admin / business side I never have to ask her for anything ! It’s simply already done!”

The Legendary Leader Award is given to a supervisor, senior carer, team leader, manager or deputy who has shown a clear commitment to improving the delivery of care and support within their team.

And the finalists are…

Mel, Evelyn and Ahmad

“Mel and Evelyn with Ahmad as Deputy, have taken Cavendish Park from strength to strength this year. I’ve always rated Cavendish Park extremely highly because of their tremendous leadership but over the last year- they’ve gone to another level yet. They are always approachable always give me confidence that my relative is in the best possible care. Their leadership and values shine through every other team member at Cavendish. They work seamlessly together to run such a remarkable and happy place for residents to live.”

Sarah Jennings

“Sarah has come to Oaktree court to support the home when we currently have no management. Sarah is all about making the team at Oaktree feel happy and bring back a good atmosphere in the home after a rough few months at Oaktree. Sarah is very supportive understanding and makes us all at Oaktree feel appreciated and well looked after. Sarah is always happy and her door is always open.”

Victoria Hornibrook

“Vicky has been through a tough time recently but is still smiling. She is committed to caring for the residents living at Milton Ernest.  Vicky is inspiring her team, leading them forward fulfilling our values.”

The Rising Star Award is given to newcomers in the Majesticare Family. This individual will be recognised for their quick contribution, fresh thinking and positivity!

And the finalists are…

Laura Payne

“Laura is a very personable person and you feel as if she is part of you. You can virtually talk to her about anything. Laura is such a superstar! She is a hard worker and good listener. She puts a smile on our residents faces, with all the sing along songs that we all know and love.”

Lucia Chaungwe

“Lucia has made a positive impact on the team as well as our residents.  She has bought the night team together, working effectively, keeping the home tidy, ensuring our residents are well looked after. Lucia has gone to the extent of showing the chef how to make porridge just the way residents enjoyed it best, and when Lucia did this the residents who ate porridge then asked for more! Her impact has not only stayed with the night team, this has also been extended to the day team as she comes in early just to ensure they have left the residents rooms clean and tidy. She values our residents and understands very well this is their home.”

Sarah Kentish

“Sarah is new at our care home despite this she has assimilated into our community very well. Sarah always takes initiative and is always available to help other departments and other members of the team. The residents love Sarah and when they see her it is very clear they have a great working relationship.”

Manish Karki

“He is amazingly positive and always willing to go the extra mile. He is very kind and gentle with all our residents and it is always a absolute pleasure to work with.”

Tea Ross

“I have worked  with Tea within our team for 9 months, Tea has not been at CP much longer than this. In these 9 months I have really seen her grow into her role as Activities’ co-ordinator role, gaining confidence and recognition along the way. Tea is mature beyond her years, and has the most caring personality with the ability to motivate and inspire  The Resident’s like and trust her, she has been amazing at gathering life history information and photos to record lifelong memories, she has embraced training to assist with the health and well being of the residents. Tea embraces all of our values but the ones that come to mind when I think of her are happiness and family , she loves to have fun, and get involved  with residents, but most of all she takes time to listen to our resident’s and build relationships.”

The Star ship Crew Award is an Ancillary Award, recognising the person or team who provides an excellent service within their Home through ancillary services.

And the finalists are…

Domestic Team at Oaktree Court

“I am nominating the whole team. This team has experienced comradery like no other over the past couple of months.  They have worked together to ensure the home has remained clean, the laundry has continued despite having no laundry people and ensured products are ordered to keep stocks topped up., rotas covered etc.  Each and everyone has supported each other to expand their roles to encompass different elements that would usually be responsible to others. They thoroughly deserve this recognition award.”

The Housekeeping Team at Cavendish Park

“That team is one of a kind. Not only doing their job best, making home spotless all year long but also goes above and behind to make everybody happy. Always finding extra time for residents to chat about grandkids and family, helping with crosswords or making a lovely cup a tea for whoever needs it. They always there, they always where you need them to be.”

The Maintenance Team at Cavendish Park

“Everything they do for me is greatly appreciated.”

Sam, Debbie and Ally – The Reception Team at Cavendish Park

“The reception team at Cavendish Park are truly wonderful ladies and I feel they are truly unsung heroes at Cavendish Park. Each of them truly care about everyone who passes through the doors of Cavendish park, being a great support for the team, residents and relatives alike. They are always there for anyone who needs them, an open ear for anyone who needs it. They are a key link in the chain of communication within the home having fantastic relationships with everyone aiding in great communication through the home. I always know I can go to any of them for an ear to listen or some wonderful advice, despite never working at the same time, their communication with each other is flawless. When in the home you can clearly see how much residents trust them, going to them with anything that they may need. They bring true heart and happiness to the home, key figures in the Cavendish Park Family.”

The Cosmic Care Award goes to an individual or team who best demonstrates their shared values and goals in line with Majesticare’s vision to create outstanding places where people love to live and work.

And the finalists are…

Kelly Munns

“I could nominate Kelly for any one of the awards, she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She listens and is very proactive in her role. I trust Kelly with my mother 100 percent. Kelly has even adapted my mothers menu, to ensure more calories are added. She is a star!

Kelly goes above and beyond for the residents, she knows them all so well and shows so much interest in learning more with different training courses. If I have a question about the residents I will go to Kelly.”

Ben Dishart

“Ben is such a brilliant carer to my mum and the other residents at Cavendish Park. He is such a calm and caring person. His positive personality has a huge impact on the people in his care. I have taught young people for thirty years at secondary school level and I truly have not met such an inspiring and wonderful young man as Ben! He deals with difficult situations, always with a smile on his face and is always on hand to help with any situation.

I must admit that in nominating Ben, I am quite emotional as the way he cares for my mum means so much to me. My mum thinks he is absolutely amazing and loves seeing him around. Ben is a wonderful role model for young people today and I would really appreciate this being recognised.
I would love Ben to know how much his care of my mum means to me and I am so pleased that he has chosen to work at Cavendish Park.”

Victoria Hornibrook

“I am Victoria’s mother. I have seen how Victoria has developed over the last 11 years at Milton Ernest Hall. She is a natural, caring person who found the perfect vocation from leaving school. She has never lost her motivation to give excellent care to every resident, from her time as a Care Assistant to her promotion to Deputy Manager. I believe her personality gives her the ability to lead a well trained, friendly and caring team – nothing is too much trouble for any of the carers, and this is down to leadership. She is very knowledgeable and charismatic, and prospective residents feel safe when the care is explained (I have placed my father at ME Hall and have seen the care and compassion shown by all, for the last 8 months). Her dedication to the residents is second to none, and she can make rationalised decisions quickly and effectively, when necessary to keep her residents safe.”

Vija Formanicka

“If it is quiet in Chatsworth you know Vija is not at work that day. She is so full of life and cares deeply not only for the residents wellbeing but also for their visiting families. She is so respectful, works hard and delivers the best possible care that she can. She has been so supportive of me when visiting my mum and become a friend. It’s always a pleasure to be around Vija.”

The Apollo’s Wellbeing and Lifestyle Award is designed for a person or team who can demonstrate that they have an excellent understanding of the resident’s mental and physical wellbeing & the importance of a healthy lifestyle reflecting on mind, body and soul.

And the finalists are…

Emma Allen

“Emma is always thinking of the residents wellbeing, she has even learnt how to drive our minibus to give our residents more of a chance to go out on trips.”

Ellie Lucas

“She understands the residents and how we feel. She understands about a healthy lifestyle with her fitness classes and she goes out of her way to make sure that everybody gets involved.”

The Jedi Recognition Award is designed for a person or team who can demonstrate that they have an excellent understanding of the resident’s mental and physical wellbeing & the importance of a healthy lifestyle reflecting on mind, body and soul.

And the finalists are…

Alina Duta

“Alina is just a joy. She is kind, patient and respectful. Any queries I have regarding mum Alina deals with immediately with no fuss. I never need to check that action has been taken and you know she is very popular with all her team as they are a happy band. If I had to choose someone to work for and more importantly with, I would choose Alina, does she ever not appear calm and professional?”

Tanya Beckett

“Tanya deserves this award because she always takes initiative. Despite her role as a carer, this does not stop her from helping other departments in our care home. Tanya is an asset to our care home and is always happy to help. She is a true role model to all at Milton Ernest.”

Lucy Kemp

“Lucy has so much heart helping me to feel valued every day. Receiving an ecard from Lucy makes me feel so valued as you can tell it truly comes from her heart. She will send one even for something that you might not even realise someone has noticed no matter how big or small, really making you feel recognised. Lucy is always sure to make sure those who deserve it are recognised in the morning meetings and supports me if I am ever feeling down helping to build me back up again. I have seen Lucy working hard with Mel to find ways to not only see how we can make the team feel recognised and valued but also residents and relatives, working hard on the end of life trolly and end of life boxes that go to the relatives when a resident passes away, enhancing them, making them that bit more special with a heart passed from the resident to their loved ones.”

The Flying Saucer Award is all about #happiness! It will be presented to a person or group that spread joy and happiness wherever they may be or a moment of pure hilarious happiness that has occurred.

And the finalists are…

Chris Johnson

“CJ as we call him , brings laughter and smiles to the team. He does his work with so much joy. He loves to create jokes when ever he walks past any member of the team and makes the work place lively. He is fun to have around as he lightens everyone’s mood.”

Sam Biddle and Ally Ranford

“They are both very helpful with anything that I may need and they always have a wonderful, warm smile on their face.”

The Activities Team at Cavendish Park

“They spread joy and happiness with all the things that they offer for us to do with plenty of activities every single day and always a smile on their faces.”

Laura Payne

“Laura is always trying to ensure happiness when she is working, the residents on Windsor feel safe, valued and express gratitude towards Laura. Laura has learned each and every single resident on Windsor their likes dislikes and always delivers the best care. Laura will sing and dance while working engaging everyone, Laura has empathy and encourages everyone. Laura is in tune when someone is upset and manages to calm situations down and delivers excellent care, so all the residents are safe and happy. We are very lucky to have Laura on out team Windsor.”

A huge congratulations goes to out to all our amazing finalists!

The decision has not been an easy one after receiving over 200 nominations from friends, residents, loved ones and team members. The love, respect and appreciation the Majesticare Team have for one another has defiantly been felt, remember you are all SUPERSTARS!

All finalists will be invited to celebrate their #Awesomeness at the Majesticare Star Awards on the 30th November!

*Please note if you are part of a team that is a finalist there may only be an opportunity for 1 or 2 representatives of the team to attend.

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