Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Celebrate Pride Month this June!💙💚💛❤️🧡

In the UK, only 35% of the LGBTQ+ community said they felt respected in society. Pride Month is about communities coming together in love, acceptance and friendship. Showing how far we’ve come as a society and made the necessary changes to make sure everyone feels a sense of inclusivity! There is still so much to be done to improve areas of respect and equality so June is a time to celebrate the work of the LGBTQ+ community and how far we have come! 🧡

“Your uniqueness is what makes you an individual, and that is BEAUTIFUL”

Why do we celebrate Pride Month in June?

June is chosen to remember the Stonewall Riots which occurred in June 1969. Heavy police raids continually faced the Stonewall Inn gay bar until outrage lead to riots. This resulted in the first Gay Pride rally of 1970 lead by Drag Queen Marsha Johnson.

Pride Events have grown exponentially since then. The biggest pride marches can have 2-5 million participants in big cities like New York, Sao Paulo, London, Madrid, Paris and more! Last year, London celebrated 50 years of gay pride with major commercial partners like Coca-Cola, PlayStation and Tesco.

What is the background behind LGBTQ+ flags?

Each of the 6 colours represents a theme. Pink is sex, red is life, orange is healing, yellow is sunlight, green is nature, turquoise is magic, blue for serenity and violet represents spirit. There is 20 different flags in total which show visibility for the story of the individual.

How do you celebrate pride?
  • Raise awareness
  • Challenge behaviours
  • Fly flags and decorations
  • Show support through dressing up
  • Spread positivity on social media
  • Attend pride marches and events
  • Throw a pride party
  • Promote allyship

What is an ally?

An ally is someone who chooses to stand up for marginalised communities. Dismantling the system of oppression, sharing acceptance, love and friendship. Anyone can be an ally regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

What makes a good ally?
  1. Listen to LGBTQ+ community, face to face or social media.
  2. Get educated through books, films, articles and history.
  3. Get involved in local groups, follow social media accounts and pages.
  4. Intervene when someone is being targetted.
  5. Speak up to your family, friends and co-workers to break stigmas.
  6. Show up to events or show support online.
  7. Welcome discomfort and grow from opportunities.
  8. Learn from mistakes, always apologise and move forward.
  9. Stay engaged as oppression is a constant thing.
  10. Donate if you want, to local organisations and the community.

How does Majesticare promote inclusivity through Pride?

Inclusivity and diversity is central to creating this environment. Our values help embrace everyone just how they are, we ensure everyone in the Majesticare Family feels listened to, safe and included. For ensuring an equal workplace and growing awareness in Head Office members have had LGBTQ+ training.

As a certified Mindful Employer, Majesticare are positive and enabling to the whole family, benefitting mental health through non judgemental approaches and proactive support for all team members especially when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. Breaking down stigma and discrimination in the workplace.

Our mission is to create places where people love to live and work.

Diversity and Inclusivity

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