Activities for everyone

Just for me moments

We spend time one-to-one with loved ones, learning about their lives, interests, and what’s made them who they are today.
A life history is learned and together we create “This is me” scrapbooks.

Spending time ‘Just for Me’ with each of our residents is so important. It’s playing cards, reading together or a simple conversation that we know means so much to our residents. Friendship and kindness is part of who we are.

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Stimulating & engaging activities

Stimulating and engaging activities and events are created by our magical teams to promote choice and independence. We’re dedicated to keeping the soul and spirit young, the mind active and the body moving. 

From baking and flower arranging to yoga, wine tasting, and crafts we learn what each of our residents loves to do. Ensuring there’s always something for everyone it’s something we’re so passionate about.

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