About 'Our Dementia Choir'

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So who is this fabulous Dementia Choir joining us to perform at this year’s Summer BBQ?

Let us tell you a little bit more…

‘Our Dementia Choir’ started their journey in 2018 when acclaimed actress Vicky McClure featured in a BBC1 documentary to discover the power of music and dementia. Well-known as Detective Inspector Kate Felaming from BBC series ‘Line of Duty’  Vicky embarked on this deeply personal journey having lost her own Grandma who suffered with dementia, to learn more about the amazing and calming effect of music.

In 2018 Vicky formed ‘Our Dementia Choir’ a choir of people all living with dementia in her hometown of Nottingham to see whether music can make a measurable difference in their lives. And together with some of the country’s leading experts, the choir took part in ground-breaking scientific studies to measure their emotional and physical responses to singing over three months of regular sessions….proving that people living with dementia can still achieve something truly remarkable.

“When you watch our choir – you will be exposed to a range of emotions – joy, sadness, laughter, excitement, amazement – and more often than not you will have no choice but to get up and sing along!”

Click here to learn more about ‘Our Dementia Choir’ > Visit their website 
Watch on the BBC website >> Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure

We can’t wait to see you! 🧡 Check out the images of the choir below! 

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