Mental Health Day Bingo

Download your Mental Health Bingo Card

Today, we’re celebrating by putting our mental wellbeing in the spotlight. Your mental health is precious, and it deserves all the love and attention. 🧡

This bingo card is your guide to being more mindful about your mental health and practicing self-care that fills up your own cup!

Click here to download >> Mental Health Bingo Card

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, each activity on the card is designed to make you think more about your mental health and self-care.

As you complete a task, simply cross out or color in the corresponding box.

Get a line, and you’re on the right track to boosting your positive wellbeing! Achieve a full house, and you’ll feel rejuvenated.

But here’s the magical part – why not share this bingo card with a friend or a loved one? 🌈 Supporting each other is a beautiful way to show that you care about their mental wellbeing too.

Let’s fill our cups with positivity and replenish our mental wellbeing together. 💬


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