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Welcome back to the annual ⭐Majesticare Star Awards

We’ll be coming together on 30th November 2023 for an awards night and a wonderful celebration of the fabulous Majesticare Family!

Below you will find a list of categories for you to nominate your Majesticare superstar individual or teams.
You can make a nomination in as many categories as you have nominees for!

Legendary Leader Award
This award is for a supervisor, senior care worker, team leader, deputy manager or manager who has shown a clear commitment to improving the delivery of care and support within their team. Someone who has shown great leadership qualities through reflecting on what could be improved and supporting their teams to affect positive changes in line with Majesticare’s vision and values.

Cosmic Care Award
This award is for an individual or team who best demonstrates their shared values and goals in line with Majesticare’s vision to create outstanding places where people love to live and work.
The team or individual will have a meaningful connection with residents, a passion for improving and maintaining resident wellbeing, and continuously inspire and support others to achieve greatness. Through a whole-home approach to Majesticare’s ethos of ‘Continue Being Me’ this person or team clearly demonstrates their understanding of person-centered care

The Jedi Recognition Award
This award goes to the team or individual who looks to recognise their peers and encourage others within their team to do the same. They are positive about recognising the efforts of those around them and look to promote and embed recognition as part of the home’s culture.

Apollo’s Wellbeing and Lifestyle Award
This award is designed for a person or team who can demonstrate that they have an excellent understanding of the resident’s mental and physical wellbeing & the importance of a healthy lifestyle reflecting on mind, body and soul. This person or team are dedicated to person-centred care and are passionate to encourage a whole home approach towards enhancing resident lives, they particular attention to promoting our ‘Continue Being Me’ ethos.

The Rising Star – Newcomer Award
The award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate a new member of your team who ideally joined Majesticare or began a new role within Majesticare in the last 12 months. This individual will be recognised for their quick contribution, fresh thinking and positivity and will have been recruited or promoted based on both their personal values & Majesticare’s values.

Interstellar HOD’s Award
This award recognises the Head of Departments who keep the structure of the home teams together and provide the foundations which build continuous improvement. It recognises how through their team work approach  & ethos they implement forward thinking strategy to achieve collective goals. This team can demonstrate how, only by working collectively, they achieve the best results for the home, residents and team.

Starship Crew – Ancillary Award
This award will be presented to the person or team who provides an excellent service within their Home through ancillary services. The individual or team awarded should fully encompass the Majesticare values within their role/roles and pride themselves on providing an excellent quality of life for residents.

Above and Beyond – Shooting Star Award
This award will be presented to the individual who consistently goes above and beyond expectations in their role. This award is to be given in recognition of this persons dedication to always go the extra mile.

The Flying Saucer of Happiness Award
This award will be presented to the individual, team or home who is able to demonstrate either an individual/team who spreads joy and happiness wherever they may be or a moment of pure hilarious happiness that has occurred. This award is only serious when it comes to celebrating happiness – so be as creative in your nominations as possible.

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