Our community

When a resident moves into a Majesticare luxury care home, we do not just make them feel welcome, we also go out of our way to look after their friends and family. From free drinks and snacks for visitors, to arranging for family meals, we do everything we can to make guests feel just as at home as our residents.

Key features...

  • Friends and family are always made to feel welcome
  • Residents are encouraged to maintain ties and friendships
  • Residents, relatives and staff are all part of the Majesticare extended family
A warm welcome

We know the importance of maintaining ties and friendships – as well as making new ones. It is this supportive sense of community we create that sets us apart from other homes. Residents, relatives, friends and our team of staff are all part of the Majesticare extended family.




Sarah: "You like to draw and paint, don’t you Bert?"

Bert: "Yes – I’ve got about ten pictures on my wall."



Care assistant Sarah with resident Bert