Day to day activities

Day to Day Activities

At all our luxury care homes we place the utmost importance on the continuity of our resident's quality of life. We want our residents to have every opportunity to keep up with their hobbies and interests – and hopefully develop a few new ones along the way. Each home has a varied and imaginative agenda of activities, carefully chosen by a dedicated Activities Coordinator. From shopping trips to painting classes, we've got something for everyone.


Our dedicated Activities Coordinators ensure a lively social calendar. Below are just some examples of the activities we provide within our homes. We react to our residents individual interests and hobbies to make sure our activities calendar benefits all of our residents.

Theatre Trips & Film Nights

Whether your passion is stage or screen, you can indulge both with our regular theatre trips and film nights.


Eating is not just a necessity; it is a way of socialising, celebrating and generally enjoying what life has to offer.

Singing and Dancing

Our regular sing-a-long, dance and exercise sessions are a great way to spend the afternoon.

Painting Classes

Bring out your creative side with painting classes to suit all abilities. Why not paint a landscape of our beautiful gardens and grounds.

Gardening Club

Our gardening club is a great way to meet people, and with plantings for all levels, from beginners to experienced green fingers, everyone can join in.

Craft Afternoon

Many of our residents share a love of craft and our group workshop is a great way to share their skills and knowledge.

Hair and Beauty Treatments

Whether it is hair, nails of facials you enjoy our homes offer a variety of beauty treatments for our residents and dedicated salons. Specialist treatments can be arranged as well as treatments for out regular professional visitors.

Shopping Trips

We encourage residents to get out and about and one of our care team is on hand to accompany residents on shopping trips. We also hold fashion days within the homes for those who prefer to shop in comfort.

Sewing and Knitting Groups

Many of our residents share a love of sewing and embroidery and our group is a great way to share their skills and knowledge. The same can be said with our residents Knitting Groups where residents enjoy comparing and displaying their creations.


Bridge, Backgammon & Scrabble Club

Our regular Bridge, Backgammon and Scrabble club is a great way to meet people, and with games aimed at all levels.

Skittles Tournaments

We hold regular pub games evenings, which always prove very popular with residents. A great way to relax and have some fun with friends.

Religious Worship and Events

Residents are welcome to join in our frequent prayer services catering for all our residents religious beliefs. We also celebrate religious events.