Variety is the spice of life, whatever your age. We want our residents to have the opportunity to explore a huge range of hobbies and activities in their new home.

Our homes offer a wide range of imaginative and inclusive activities. So, whether that’s pottering in the garden, being creative in our arts and crafts sessions, cooking and baking, enjoying a sherry after a walk in the grounds or watching a movie in the cinema with new friends, there’s something for everyone.

Each Majesticare home has a dedicated activities coordinator on hand to create a social calendar filled with fun and engaging activities, and not only for our residents – friends and family are more than welcome to join in too.

As active members of the local community, we welcome a variety of visitors to our homes to share their enthusiasm, knowledge and experiences with our residents. This ranges from local historians, visits from local school children and even musical bands. Many of our homes have their own minibus, enabling residents to take trips to the shops, places they’ve long enjoyed visiting or to explore new destinations.

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