Across all of our Majesticare luxury care homes, we simply love life.
Bringing happiness, love, and friendship to the lives of our residents and your loved ones is not a job, it’s a privilege and one we are so honoured to be able to do every single day.

We are so proud of how our teams have become innovators to create new ways to provide loved ones with unique, person-centered care and a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. Through small group activities and 1:1 care and friendship, we engage, stimulate and nurture mind, body and soul for each and every one of our residents.

This is Keeping safe. Our promise to care for the wellbeing of our Majesticare family.

Activities in our homes

Overnight our amazing teams have become entertainers, dancers, artists and beauticians to name but a few of their talents. Through innovation and creativity in care, our Activities team bring everyday happiness, light and sparkle to the lives of your loved ones.

From filling rooms with a song, dressing up to reenact Royal Ascot and Autumn walks in our grounds, our teams take time to draw, knit and to paint, our gardening and baking clubs rival the BBC’s Autumn Watch and Mary Berry… watch out!  The simple pleasure of one to one care and companionship in the comfort of a residents room is so enjoyed. It’s a time to listen, give an afternoon manicure or share a game of chess… there is no end to our creativity and love.

Through our guided virtual tours, you’ll get to meet our teams and experience the wonderful life within our care homes.

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Embracing Technology

From the very beginning, it’s been our vision to combine innovation and care to enhance the rich lifestyle within our luxury care homes across Worcestershire, the Home Counties and Somerset.

In our elegant cinema rooms or beautifully furnished lounges, social friendship bubbles enjoy live-streamed concerts and an afternoon film together. Content quietness, residents use Ipads & Alexas to stay connected with family, enjoy music, stories, and a game of online scrabble, all from the comfort of their own rooms.

All of our homes are equipped with Virtual reality headsets so we can provide loved ones, who may be unable to leave their bed, the ability to virtually walk through a stunning National Trust home or take in the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, reliving a moment of romance never forgotten…

Being able to provide these experiences and see the joy on residents faces simply takes our breath away and it’s why we do what we do.

Wellbeing for all

The wellbeing of our teams and our people is so important to us. Every day they make us so proud.
At Majesticare we have a unique team dedicated to our People and their Happiness.  A team focused on promoting recognition and rewarding the phenomenal dedication of our Majesticare family. From individually named “Roses of Recognition”, hand-drawn happiness heroes, a “just for me” moment and regular video messages from our Leadership team.
Staying connected and together in our Majesticare Family is our priority.

Our values, love, trust, happiness, family and creativity run through the very heart of our Majesticare teams, it’s what holds us together. We look after our family, their wellbeing is important and it’s Keeping safe. Our promise to always support, advise and provide wellbeing resources to ensure their happiness in and out of work

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