Spring Has Arrived with a Bounce!

Spring arrived with a bounce at Oaktree Court this Friday when two of this season’s first born lambs arrived to see the residents. Willie (boy lamb) and Leah (girl lamb) both just two weeks old, arrived courtesy of Kath Hill, one of Oaktree Court’s most treasured friends, and wife of the late Les Hill, who lived at Oaktree Court for the last years of his life.

Leah didn’t actually have a name on her arrival, but was named by Jack Lowman’s family after his granddaughter, Leah, who gave Leah her bottle of milk.

Kath has said when the next lambs arrive, she will be in again. “It was such a relaxing visit”, said Kath, “The residents seemed just as relaxed as the lambs, and it’s lovely to come back and visit everyone”.

Oaktree Court’s Horse Visit was a Winner!

On Thursday Oaktree Court residents enjoyed a trip to the Conquest Riding Centre, near Taunton which is a charity that specialises in experiences for disabled people and offers various equine experiences for the local community.

As they have several “horsey” residents, Bubbles Clyde-Smith (owns horses) and Jack Hosegood (ex Master of Foxhounds) enjoyed being around the horses and the smells that are so familiar to them. Joan Coombes, David Garbutt and Andrew Thacker also went along and everyone enjoyed a drink in the cafe whilst watching an indoor riding lesson before touring the stables and feeding the horses with carrots!

Panto comes to Lashbrook!

Fun and laughter was had by all. The Shaddow  Pantomime Company to put on a voluntary performance for Lashbrook House Care Home. The residents were enthralled, from watching the set being created from the lights and music  to  the colourful visual costumes of all the characters. Everyone followed the story and interacted with the appropriate boos and hisses as the plot unfolded. Christina MacMillan, who previously worked for the BBC, included some ad-lib sections into her performance. Everyone laughed – including the cast! After the Pantomime, when ice creams were served, Christina commented  “That was such good fun do they have to go?” Many of residents and resident’s families commented how much they had enjoyed the show. Especially Philippa the daughter of Tom Harman Smith who commented – “Tom smiled through the whole performance”!

Happy Couple Celebrate 25 years of Marriage

John Killick and his wife Rosemary celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a special private lunch in the Somerset Suite with family.  Rosemary has also spent some time at Oaktree for respite care following an operation so knows many people here.

They had a lovely lunch, champagne and a cake showing that life doesn’t have to stop when you live at Oaktree.

Killick cutting cake

OOMPH Factor finalists at Oaktree Court

The team at Oaktree Court submitted a fantastic application for Maureen and Evelyn who were just narrowly pipped at the post by winner Sam.

The Oomph! Factor judges were incredibly impressed by all nominations and they said it’s fantastic to see the impact that Oomph! is making to your residents.

Andy Kirby Manager at Oaktree Court said ” we are so impressed with OOMPH and the positive impact it is having on our residents in the home.   ” The residents really look forward to the  OOMPH sessions as do all the staff and families.


Lashbrook house form a knitting Circle

Louise Light  Leisure and Lifestyle Manager  found out there were a number of residents who enjoyed knitting.  She spoke to  Sara Taylor a Lashbrook Volunteer and asked if she had any knitting skills. Sara told us that is she is knitting blanket squares for the Royal Berks Special Care Unit. The organisation is called Buscot. Some of our residents who use to knit were keen at first to just watch. Ida Dunning one of our residents was quite interested and asked Sarah all about the knitting.  Ida doesn’t usually sit for very long during activities but  she sat  for the whole session and was happy to chat and crochet, Ida is also quite hard of hearing, but she couldn’t stop chatting about what she was doing. She commented ‘ I really  am enjoying  this”   The home know has a Knitting Circle for the residents who want to join in. “Louise said it great that not only are they knitting but they are doing it for a good cause”


Henley Stroke Club Hold Art Class at Lashbrook Care Home

The Henley Stroke club came to Lashbrook to hold an art class with our residents. Many attendees of the Stroke club came and socialised with our residents. Some of our residents observed, whilst Peggy Nutter, Sheila Mitchell, Robert Stoddart Marie Turtle, Peter Johnson, practised their artistic skills and decided to have a go. They all chalked snow drops on to black paper, which looked stunning. There were lots of smiles after some apprehension. Marie quoted ‘ I really didn’t think I could do that’. Louise Light  Leisure and Lifestyle Manager said “It was encouraging to see residents engaged in the art class and trying out a new skill”.


Oaktree Court Residents Visit the local Hunt Meet

Several of our residents are hunt enthusiasts with Jack Hosegood being a former Master or Foxhounds locally.  We took Bubbles, Jack and Hilary to a morning meet with the hounds.  Kath Hill, wife of Les Hill, one of our older residents, also joined in arriving in her carriage dressed in formal clothes.

Jack, Hilary and Bubbles enjoyed the spectacle and getting in the thick of it with the hounds once more.  The current hounds are descendants of ones that Bubbles’ family used to look after, many years ago. It was a trip down memory lane for all the residents and their families who joined in.

local_hunt_1Bubbles and Jack enjoying the horses and hounds!








local_hunt_3Kath Hill arrived in style!

Oak Lodge manager Helen Smith hands over a donation to a volunteer from Taunton Open Door.

Oak Lodge care home in Chard has been collecting items for the homeless to donate to Taunton Open Door.

Home Manager Helen Smith  said ‘We handed over a whole trolley full of items recently including blankets, hats, scarves, gloves toiletries and food items”. We were absolutely blown away by the amount of items that were donated in such a short space of time. We’d like to thank everyone who made a donation to such a wonderful cause. Oak Lodge will also act as a drop off point for any future donations.’


Christmas fair held at Oak lodge care home

Everyone had a wonderful time at the Christmas fair held at Oak lodge care home. The Mayor of Chard, Councillor Dave Bulmer, popped along to wish everyone a merry Christmas and even visited Father Christmas for a few presents.

A spokesperson for the care home said ‘Residents and guests enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of cake and played the tombola, raffle and other games such as guess the weight of the cake and guess the name of the pug. The children enjoyed meeting Father Christmas in his magical grotto and received a present from Santa and his elf. Overall we raised £180 for the residents fund. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the fair, and special thanks to Claire and Barry Gibbs for their help with the grotto.’

The Mayor of Chard, Councillor Dave Bulmer, collects a present from Santa and his elf.