Our Majesticare Family Scales New Heights!

It is with fascinated delight that I report that a member of our extended Majesticare family, Alex Gasgoynes has completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise as much as possible for the Alzheimer’s society. I use the word fascinated, as I can personally think of easier ways to raise money, such as a sponsored cake eating race!

The three peaks challenge takes on the peaks of Pen-yghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, usually in this order, and in under twelve hours. These peaks form part of the Pennine range, and encircle the head of the valley of the River Ribble, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The route is 24 miles long, and includes 5,200ft of ascent.

Majesticare as a Company sponsored Alex’s challenge to raise money for the Alzheimer’s society. As members of the National Dementia Alliance, we join forces with other groups who are supporting and undertaking valuable research into dementia studies, and actively take part in sponsoring both individual and community projects which may lead to enhanced care and treatment for those with dementia and their families. Alex wore his Majesticare T shirt with pride throughout his climb, and Majesticare have corporately sponsored his achievement.

Alex is a relative of one of our Majesticare colleagues. It is truly wonderful that although he does not directly work for us, his passion for dementia care is so clear, and we wish him every bit of luck this weekend. We are proud to say that every single resident, staff member and relative form part of our wider Majesticare family, and we really do take care for one another. Why not join us?

Lashbrook House Care Home Enjoys The Ritz

Lashbrook was transformed into the Ritz Hotel. The Henley College Students, who are helping with events at Lashbrook, organised all the printing of scenes of the Ritz Hotel, which were placed around the dining room. Henley Cancer Research let me hire lots of hats, from them for the afternoon. This caused some excitement, as the residents could choose which hat they would like to wear for the afternoon. Roger our pianist was dressed in his correct attire for the occasion. Quite a few of the ladies looked admiringly, as  he played for two hours non stop. Delicate chocolates were served with the first cup of tea. Then everyone was served finely cut sandwiches, beautiful cakes and fresh fruit.  Rosie Brett was singing the whole time and making actions with her hands. Joan Lewis commented ‘it’s nice to go posh, we have never done this before’. The families remarked they were very appreciative of the hard work that went into this day. They said if was a lovely afternoon.

This was a real team effort yesterday everyone helped.

Taz is a Welcome Addition to Our Home

Taz has been a welcome addition to our home.

He has such a calming influence and has helped reduce signs of stress, depression and anxiety in some of our residents. He provides comfort and unconditional love to them, their families and even the staff when times get tough. 

 We’ve found that Taz has been an incredible comfort to residents and families at the end of life stage. He has the amazing ability to sense when someone is poorly. One example of this is when he slept outside the door of a lady who had reached end of life, and even kept popping his head in around the door almost to check on the lady and her family throughout the nights. He did this up until the day she passed away. Taz also started sleeping in the room of another lady who was at the end of life stage, again staying in the room until she peacefully passed away. He brought great comfort to her family who even mentioned him in a thank you card for the staff!

 Many of our residents have previously had pets including cats and have missed having them around. Having Taz curled up on their lap, watching him stretched out in the sun, or even feeding him his meals has brought back a sense of reminiscence and normality.

Oaktree Court Care Home Waves Goodbye to their Chicks! Animal Therapy Success

Tomorrow we will wave goodbye to our temporary residents here at Oak Lodge. The chicks will be leaving us. Our carer, Grace has decided to give them a new home at her house, to eventually join the rest of her chickens.
We have had such a lovely time and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from watching them hatch to seeing them grow daily. We are enjoying our last day of cuddles, they have brought everyone so much joy. Animal therapy for our residents at its best.

Lashbrook House Celebrate St. Georges Day

Lashbrook celebrated St George’s Day. Loui the Chef was St George, Chris and Jullio took turns as the dragon. The English Beef Roast and Yorkshire Puddings went down well with all the residents. After lunch, we sang some stirring hymns from the Ipad. Jersualem, There will always be an England. All the residents sang along, a couple became a little emotional. Michelle then entertained with some upbeat music and singing.

Loui and myself did a little reinactment of St George slaying the dragon. We finished by having a little tipple of mead old English wine. Tom Harman Smith was dancing in the chair. Peggy Nutter who use to be a dancer and relates to dancing mainly, due to her being deaf, danced with great co-ordination. She smiled and clapped. Ida Dunning who has been at Lashbrook for one year, has never danced before. She is normally quite a loner, suddenly she was stood up and wanted to dance.

From Lashbrook House to Brazil!

All the residents were treated to a day in Brazil. Jullio and Lucy  (Lashbrook Carers), who are from Brazil were keen for this day to happen. The chef cooked a delicious Brazillian lunch, whilst we had Brazillian Carnival music playing in the background. Most of our residents wore hats to be part of the carnival. We even had a couple of cowboys join the procession. After lunch, we discussed the country of Brazil, followed by quiz. Then we had Samba dancing, with Carnival Music followed by a Brazillian cocktail. Which consisted of white rum, fresh limes, soda water, and sugar. Sheila Mitchell, who has been quite unwell recently commented  the food was delicious, she said she liked the atmosphere of the afternoon. Phillipa Tom Harman Smith’s daughter, was working and said she really wanted to come along.

Oak Lodge Sky Dive for Charity

A team from Oak Lodge Care Home recently took part in a charity sky dive to raise money for Age UK.

A team of six staff members from the home jumped at the airfield at Dunkswell.  The Team jumped from 15000 feet on Saturday 25th March.  Healthcare Assistant Abbie Sergent who works in The Acorns suite caring for residents living with a dementia   said “Age UK” was an obvious choice for us to fundraise for.  They are the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. Age UK provide services and support at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people.  All of the Oak Lodge staff support the campaign to help reduce lonelines and enable older people to love later life.

Abbie’s colleague Jo Molony added, “The whole team would like to thank all the staff at Sky Dive Buzz for their help on the day.  It was an experience that far exceeded our expectations.  The instructors were so professional and helpful and really put our minds at ease.    Overall our team raised in the region of £2400 for AGE UK, although the exact total is yet to be confirmed.  We would like to thank Majesticare and everyone else for their support and sponsorship donations.

Time for a Cuppa – Success at The Mount

Staff, residents, friends and visitors of The Mount Care Home baked cakes to raise funds for DementiaUK’s Time for a Cuppa campaign.  On Sunday 5th March 2017 the cakes were sold whilst enjoying listening to music from an accordion player.  In addition staff and residents at The Mount dressed up as movie icons from some recent training with ‘Ladder to the Moon’. Characters included Charlie Chaplain, Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery! The day was a great success, full of fun and laughter.  The amount raised on the day was £51.45 !!