Lashbrook Houses Summer Fete 2017

Lashbrook enjoyed their Summer Fete in the sunshine. We had a shop, an art stall, an Avon stall, a cake stall, also Daphne Stoddard had a stall for Parkinson’s. Robert Stoddard (one of our residents),  is a very good artist and she sold cards in aid of this very good charity. Elvis sang to all the residents. There was some dancing and singing all afternoon. The Mayor of Henley attended with her Escort. David, he amused everyone with his magic tricks as he is a member of the magic circle. The Tombola which was run by our volunteer, totally sold out. Our raffle with all prizes donated from Henley shops, was very successful. All resident’s families commented on what an enjoyable day. Also the Mayor made a speech and said this is a lovely care home, the atmosphere is so jolly and the residents look very happy.

Dave and Loui the Chef at Lashbrook put on a delicious barbeque, with mixed continental salads, followed by cheesecake and fresh fruit salads.

The M.S. art class also had a display of pictures painted by the M.S. group and our residents. This promotes very good social interaction whilst everyone joins in with the painting theme.

Terry Cruises into Lashbrook House to Entertain!

What an entertainer. Terry use to entertain on the cruise ships. Vicki the Home Manager introduced him to Lashbrook.  He has such a charismatic personality. The residents really enjoyed his singing and performance. Not only is he happy to entertain all the residents, but he gets all the staff involved as well. Terry is very bubbly and has a new programme each time he entertains. He is now on our books for regular visits.

Tom Harman Smith commented ‘ he is such fun’.

Lashbrook House Care Home Visit Henley River

Lashbrook House residents enjoyed a picnic out at the Henley River. We were joined by Elvis Presley singing along the river before the opening of the regatta. We did some stretch and relaxation as the weather changed. Robert Stoddard commented that he ‘enjoyed being out for the day.’ Mary talked about her brothers and how they use to have picnics on the farm, when they were little.

A Royal Visit for Lashbrook House Care Home

Residents of Lashbrook House, in Henley on Thames, set off early for Windsor Great Park. Picnic, blankets, sunhats, drinks, were all packed after everyone was on board. We had the use of the Henley Handy bus which seats 10 residents and 4 helpers comfortably. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the Queen and were enthralled when we drove through Windsor Great Park. The scenery was beautiful, and it was  not too hot.


As we drove up to our place in Windsor Park. Everyone was quite excited. Fortunately the rain stayed off, as we got off the bus with the residents sat down and  unpacked all the picnic. The security officers and footmen came and chatted to us. They wished us a nice afternoon and were very pleasant. Everyone asked where we were from and chatted to the residents. Colin Outen one of our residents use to do this as a child and watch the Queen go by to the races. This evoked lots of memories for him, of which he was telling to everyone.


At last the Queen had arrived and the royal family proceeded to change into the carriages. As we told the residents she was coming along. They looked quite amazed. The horses were beautiful as were the carriages and we waved our flags and cheered as the Queen and Prince Andrew went by. Although unfortunately dementia can take away the short term memory, it  can’t take away the moment in time. Everyone saw the Queen and enjoyed a delicious picnic in Windsor Park. The families who came along thought it was truly wonderful. It was a pleasure to see a couple of the families enjoying a day out with their loved ones, bringing normality with their parents and husband.

Lashbrook House Care Home is at the Races!

Lashbrook Care Home enjoyed a visual race day at Lashbrook. This was inspired by Ladder to the Moon Training. We have been using many more visual items to create interesting and stimulating activities for our residents. The results have been refreshingly positive.

I felt it would be a good idea to involve the Henley students and create a fun race day. The students dressed as jockeys, with hobby horses, the residents had money printed from the internet, they chose which horse they wanted to bet on and received a coloured card with the name of the horse. The families participated and a new family who were coming to look at Lashbrook took part.
The races got underway, all the bets were taken and winnings were given out. Peggy Nutter one of our residents was very occupied putting her 20’s and 10’s in order.
The Henley students became quite competitive as the afternoon progressed. There was a lot of laughter, we then served Pimms and soft drinks to help with the heat. We finished the afternoon with Strawberries and Cream. The students then went around and chatted to the residents. They were full of praise for them and thanked them from making their afternoon fun.

Lashbrook House Care Home Has Some Exotiv Visitors!

Lashbrook residents were very curious about the visit of Exotic Animals. As Kevin started to take round bugs snakes, and a bearded dragon. The looks of amazement were so rewarding to see. Especially from our residents with more progressive dementia. The visual and sensory benefits the residents experienced were well worth the visit of Zoolab. A few residents were not too keen, they looked from afar. Margaret Fitch kept asking ‘are they real’?.
Christina Mcmillan said ‘they are beautiful’.

Lashbrook House Residents Dance Back in Time to the 1920’s!

Lashbrook House’s residents went back to the 1920’s for dance and exercise,  expressing  their dancing skills with Nicole. Hand movements were very popular. Nicole demonstrated the Charleston, she also explained about the costumes of the 1920’s and the dance routines. The residents were interested and didn’t want her to leave. Peggy Nutter who use to be a dancer at  Blackpool Tower Bell , was enthralled and couldn’t stop smiling. Sheila Mitchell commented  ‘ I adore dancing and would like to have like have been a dancer’.

Lashbrook House Care Home Enjoys The Ritz

Lashbrook was transformed into the Ritz Hotel. The Henley College Students, who are helping with events at Lashbrook, organised all the printing of scenes of the Ritz Hotel, which were placed around the dining room. Henley Cancer Research let me hire lots of hats, from them for the afternoon. This caused some excitement, as the residents could choose which hat they would like to wear for the afternoon. Roger our pianist was dressed in his correct attire for the occasion. Quite a few of the ladies looked admiringly, as  he played for two hours non stop. Delicate chocolates were served with the first cup of tea. Then everyone was served finely cut sandwiches, beautiful cakes and fresh fruit.  Rosie Brett was singing the whole time and making actions with her hands. Joan Lewis commented ‘it’s nice to go posh, we have never done this before’. The families remarked they were very appreciative of the hard work that went into this day. They said if was a lovely afternoon.

This was a real team effort yesterday everyone helped.

Lashbrook House Celebrate St. Georges Day

Lashbrook celebrated St George’s Day. Loui the Chef was St George, Chris and Jullio took turns as the dragon. The English Beef Roast and Yorkshire Puddings went down well with all the residents. After lunch, we sang some stirring hymns from the Ipad. Jersualem, There will always be an England. All the residents sang along, a couple became a little emotional. Michelle then entertained with some upbeat music and singing.

Loui and myself did a little reinactment of St George slaying the dragon. We finished by having a little tipple of mead old English wine. Tom Harman Smith was dancing in the chair. Peggy Nutter who use to be a dancer and relates to dancing mainly, due to her being deaf, danced with great co-ordination. She smiled and clapped. Ida Dunning who has been at Lashbrook for one year, has never danced before. She is normally quite a loner, suddenly she was stood up and wanted to dance.

From Lashbrook House to Brazil!

All the residents were treated to a day in Brazil. Jullio and Lucy  (Lashbrook Carers), who are from Brazil were keen for this day to happen. The chef cooked a delicious Brazillian lunch, whilst we had Brazillian Carnival music playing in the background. Most of our residents wore hats to be part of the carnival. We even had a couple of cowboys join the procession. After lunch, we discussed the country of Brazil, followed by quiz. Then we had Samba dancing, with Carnival Music followed by a Brazillian cocktail. Which consisted of white rum, fresh limes, soda water, and sugar. Sheila Mitchell, who has been quite unwell recently commented  the food was delicious, she said she liked the atmosphere of the afternoon. Phillipa Tom Harman Smith’s daughter, was working and said she really wanted to come along.