Lashbrook House Holds Bake-Off

Lashbrook House Care Home in Henley-on-Thames has had a busy week making cakes for their very own Lashbrook House Bake-Off!

They made 13 different cakes which were judged by a panel including chef Ryan Simpson-Trotman, from Orwells restaurant in Shiplake Row.

The other judges were Danny Dancer, who lives at the Mill Road home, and Paula Andrews and Roy Cosham, who have relatives living there.

The winner was Maria Docwra, whose uncle Colin is a resident – who won with her coffee and walnut cake.

Everyone who took part in the baking had a great time and everyone who took part in the eating also had a fantastic time. Everyone is looking forward to a re-match!

Lashbrook House present their Nursing Team

 Lashbrook House is proud to present its new nursing team led by new manager at Lashbrook House, Emma Fielder. Emma and her team support Majesticares company values and lead from the heart to create their very own Majesticare family within Lashbrook House. Emma and her team, are striving to ensure Lashbrook House Care Home is an outstanding place for our residents and staff to live and work.

Line Dancing at Lashbrook House Care Home

All Lashbrook residents, took part in line dancing, in the chair. Everyone wore cowboy hats and got into the spirit of the cowboy theme.  Very good co-ordination was expressed with hand and feet movements. A display of line dancing was given by Janice, then we encouraged the residents to take part. ‘Catherine Hare’ a new resident at Lashbrook, who normally has an afternoon nap, was interested to take part with her daughter. Her daughter thanked us for doing such inventive activities.

Harold and Margaret Fitch celebrated their 62nd Wedding Anniversary at Lashbrook House Care Home

Harold and Margaret Fitch celebrated their 62nd Wedding Anniversary at Lashbrook. Hilary their daughter was thrilled and thanked us all for making it such a special day for her parents. Vicki presented flowers, whilst Margaret and Harold drank Champagne. We had their favorite music playing – The Anniversary Waltz. What a huge inspiration, we wish you many more happy years.

Lashbrook at the Proms!

Lashbrook celebrated the proms. Everyone sang ‘There will always be an England’ ‘Land of hope and glory’ amongst other songs on the piano. Fresh scones and jam and cream were served for the occasion. All the residents were singing waving flags and their interaction was very responsive, Queenie one of the resident’s, commented ‘ I so enjoyed that celebration, it took me back to traditional English celebrations.

Care Home Residents Produce Lashbrook House Jam

After a discussion about activities, Colin Outen and  Mary Knapp started talking about how they use to make jam at home. It was the norm. Mary was brought up on a farm. Colin always use to make Jam with his Mother as a young boy. So the fruit was gathered, the jars and jam sugar bought. A Saturday morning activity of making Jam. Everyone helped get the blackberries ready and stir in the sugar. Everyone nominated Colin to go in the kitchen to help make it on the stove. Once ready chilled and set. We all put it into the jam jars. Labelled it, ready to sell at the Lashbrook Christmas Fayre. The best part was licking the bowl at the end. Mary Knapp was reluctant to let the bowl go. Obviously brought back lots of memories, time with her family on the farm making jam.

Regatta Visit and Ukulele Lesson for Lashbrook House Care Home


Lashbrook joined in with the Regatta for the Disabled an event which was started at Phyllis Court 8 years ago. Lashbrook residents had a Ukulele  lesson from Sam Brown, daughter of the famous Joe Brown. She was so thoughtful and came over to us after having a lesson with many others. Wynn Fulbrook took a shine the Ukulele, Sam gave us one to take back to the Lashbrook. The residents were treated to free boat rides along where the annual Henley regatta takes place. Marie Turtle said ‘I am use to boats’ she climbed over quite a few obstacles, with help, to get on to an open boat. Other residents were taken on the River time Cruiser specially designed for the elderly and disabled. We strolled over to the animals and watched Punch and Judy. Sheila Mitchell said ‘What a wonderful afternoon, so relaxing’. Tamaz who is a carer at Lashbrook, said ‘really good fun’.


Wynn said ‘ I didn’t know I could still have so much fun’.

Brazillian Dancers Visit Lashbrook House Care Home

The residents at Lashbrook, joined in the fun with Nicole’s dancing class. She encouraged them to exercise and move to the music in the chair.  She used feathers and Brazilian dance moves. They followed with hand movements, using their arms and legs. Everyone clapped and wanted to chat to Nicole afterwards. She went round and spoke to everyone once the class had finished. Peggy who use to be a dancer was intrigued and watched intently at the movements.

Sunshine and Fun at Lashbrook House

August has been disappointing due to the rain. However as soon as the sun appeared, all residents got outside into Lashbrook House’s gardens. Dennis, who visits Lashbrook on a regular basis, came and played the clarinet for everyone out in the sunshine. We then had afternoon tea and cake, Flo who is 101, chuckled all the time. Then posed beautifully for a photo. The fountain was trickling in the background, whilst Dennis played many different tunes. The residents were relaxed and in good spirits. Bonnie our therapy dog also joined us. Bonnie has been visiting Lashbrook on a regular basis and Christine her owner, said when she retires she will really miss all the residents.

Lashbrook House have a Champagne Party

The residents relatives and staff, certainly got into the party mood. We held a Champagne Barbeque, Billy our entertainer, played all eras of music, from rock and roll to 10 CC, bread and many more. Both chefs cooked a delicious barbeque of Chicken, Salmon and burgers, with continental salads, followed by fruit salad and cheese cakes. The Henley Mayor attended and quoted ‘ this is definitely more the atmosphere of a hotel’. The residents laughed danced and sang. Queenie who is a new resident said ‘I love dancing, but didn’t think I was able’. The staff all participated, which the residents really enjoyed. There was even a rendition of YMCA by the staff, and Lynda Edna’s daughter who is one of our residents,  joined in. She said ‘this is such good fun’. Redlands donated some wonderful prizes for the raffle. We also had donations from the resident’s families.