The Mount’s Art Exhibition
Monday 4 November 2019

Being apart of Majesticare we pride ourselves on making special moments.

We held an open house Art Exhibition to celebrate our residents talent. However this event was incredibly joyous for one of our residents in particular, Margie Harris an artist.

Margie was born in London. She went on to join the RAF where she met the love of her life Bruce. Margie and Bruce enjoyed a life together in the RAF. Serving two tours of duty in Singapore. Sadly at the end of the second tour Bruce was involved in a flying accident, where he later succumbed cancer due to the ingestion of oils and seawater.

A widowed Margie went on to meet a fellow artist, John, a few years later and remarried. By all accounts Margie’s relationship with John was a tempestuous one. Margie’s painting was largely suppressed in that period.

Widowed again in 1998 Margie resumed the art she loved so much, which we had the pleasure of putting on view during our Art Exhibition. Margie’s best work were of her most beloved location Sonning Eye.

We feel so privileged to tell Margie’s story and showcase her work. We are among so many talented people here at The Mount and we are proud to share their stories and work.

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