A Royal Visit for Lashbrook House Care Home

Residents of Lashbrook House, in Henley on Thames, set off early for Windsor Great Park. Picnic, blankets, sunhats, drinks, were all packed after everyone was on board. We had the use of the Henley Handy bus which seats 10 residents and 4 helpers comfortably. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the Queen and were enthralled when we drove through Windsor Great Park. The scenery was beautiful, and it was  not too hot.


As we drove up to our place in Windsor Park. Everyone was quite excited. Fortunately the rain stayed off, as we got off the bus with the residents sat down and  unpacked all the picnic. The security officers and footmen came and chatted to us. They wished us a nice afternoon and were very pleasant. Everyone asked where we were from and chatted to the residents. Colin Outen one of our residents use to do this as a child and watch the Queen go by to the races. This evoked lots of memories for him, of which he was telling to everyone.


At last the Queen had arrived and the royal family proceeded to change into the carriages. As we told the residents she was coming along. They looked quite amazed. The horses were beautiful as were the carriages and we waved our flags and cheered as the Queen and Prince Andrew went by. Although unfortunately dementia can take away the short term memory, it  can’t take away the moment in time. Everyone saw the Queen and enjoyed a delicious picnic in Windsor Park. The families who came along thought it was truly wonderful. It was a pleasure to see a couple of the families enjoying a day out with their loved ones, bringing normality with their parents and husband.

Lashbrook House Care Home is at the Races!

Lashbrook Care Home enjoyed a visual race day at Lashbrook. This was inspired by Ladder to the Moon Training. We have been using many more visual items to create interesting and stimulating activities for our residents. The results have been refreshingly positive.

I felt it would be a good idea to involve the Henley students and create a fun race day. The students dressed as jockeys, with hobby horses, the residents had money printed from the internet, they chose which horse they wanted to bet on and received a coloured card with the name of the horse. The families participated and a new family who were coming to look at Lashbrook took part.
The races got underway, all the bets were taken and winnings were given out. Peggy Nutter one of our residents was very occupied putting her 20’s and 10’s in order.
The Henley students became quite competitive as the afternoon progressed. There was a lot of laughter, we then served Pimms and soft drinks to help with the heat. We finished the afternoon with Strawberries and Cream. The students then went around and chatted to the residents. They were full of praise for them and thanked them from making their afternoon fun.