Prime Minister Officially Opens Sensory Garden at The Mount Care Home in Wargrave

img_4301Residents, staff and visitors were thrilled to receive a visit from the new Prime Minister Theresa May during their annual summer fete.

The Prime Minister who has only just taken over as the leader of the Country opened the care home’s new sensory garden.  Emma Fielder Home Manager for The Mount said “Mrs May had agreed to attending the event when she was still Home Secretary but still honoured the engagement”. 

img_4312We are all delighted Mrs May could attend, the day has raised so much awareness for the new sensory garden.   We really do want to thank the Prime Minister for supporting the event and officially opening it.   As you can imagine the residents were thrilled to meet her.  She spent time chatting to the residents and was more than happy to be photographed with everyone.   

img_4311Emma said that the sensory garden is now much accessible to all the residents and they can sit outside and enjoy all the sights sounds and smells. 

All Funds Raised will be used for the dementia activities and equipment to encourage residents to experience therapeutic sessions.