Plenty of OOMPH

Plenty of OOMPH

Residents at Oak Lodge Care Home in Chard forgot about their age and took part in the first of a new series of exercise classes being held at the home.

As well as staff and resident’s mayor of Chard Dave Bulmer and town councillors Jenny Orchard and Dave Orchard took part.

 Three members of staff at Oak Lodge Care home, Lord Leaze Lane have trained as Oomph instructors and led the exercise class.

Among them was Senior Activity Co Ordinator Gemma Jones.  She said “We’re very excited to be on board with Oomph!  It’s such a fresh and exciting new initiative for us to be involved with.

The launch Party was a great success and received really good feedback from everyone who took part and comments from residents were really positive.  All the staff are excited to see the benefits that regular OOMPH! Can achieve.

The World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of physical activity on at least three separate occasions per week for older adults with poor mobility.

Gemma Jones added “regular exercise not only helps people maintain their movement and mobility but also helps them to regain it”.  Exercise sessions can help combat loneliness and can encourage socialisation and interaction between residents.  Oomph! Is also proven to reduce depression reduce the risk of falls and help dementia management.  

The participants are reminded to only do what they can and to at their own speed.  The props such as scarves and pom poms add to the fun.