Florence Brett gives the thumbs-up to turning 100

Lashbrook House resident Florence Brett  woman will be gearing up for her 100th birthday.

Florence Brett is ecstatic to be getting a message from the Queen congratulating her on reaching the milestone.
Her niece Jackie Payne, 56, is looking forward to the lavish party being thrown at her care home on June 23 which will include traditional Cockney songs.
Ms Payne said: “Flo came from London and is a real Londoner.

“She loves the entertainment that they have put on for her.”

The jovial atmosphere on the day will be in stark contrast to events that took place two and a half years ago, when Ms Payne found her aunt collapsed on the bedroom floor.
Ms Brett was transferred to Lashbrook House Care Home in Shiplake following the incident.
She has made a remarkable recovery and is now about to go into her 100th year. Ms Payne thought the transformation in her aunt has been incredible since she moved in along with her sister.
She said: “I just think it is amazing and she is very happy.
“The change has been all the more surprising considering Ms Brett did not want to leave her original home.
Ms Brett’s hairdresser Pauline Woolford said: “When Flo first arrived, she was very unwell and unable to participate in activities or have her hair done. Flo now, is very well, and enjoying life at Lashbrook with her sister Rosina.
“I do Flo’s hair every fortnight, and she loves having it done. Flo is such a special lovely lady, and it is a pleasure to spend time with her.”