Hempton Fields Resident Beryl Plays Piano After 50 Years

Beryl Mitchell aged 88, has been a resident at Hempton Field for six months now, joining us in September 2011, along with her husband Geoffrey.

Recently one of Beryl’s regular visitors, Jane, was chatting with her about a future visit as part of the Bodger’s Beryl Mitchell.jpgWood Band. While Jane was visiting she noticed the piano in the Residents lounge and was asking Nina, the Activities Co-ordinator about the possibility of using it during the performance. When Jane left, Nina continued to chat to Berly about music and Beryl shared with her that her favourite tune was ‘The British Grenadiers’. A few minutes later Beryll asked if she could sit and play the piano; something that she had not previously shown any interest in since living at Hempton Field.

Beryl then proceeded to play the piano, albeit a little ‘rusty’, but obviously she had been an accomplished player at one time. Nina went to fetch Geoffrey who expressed his shock at seeing Beryl play again. He declared that it had made his day!

Despite having a piano at home (Geoffrey also played), Beryl apparantly hadn’t played the piano since teaching at a primary school at least 50 years ago. She had started learning to play at the age of just 8 years old. She remembers playing a tune which she called ‘Thump’ to encourage her pupils to achieve the exercises she’d set them.

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