Diamond Pair

Eileen and Haydn Celebrations.jpgHaydn and Eileen Ashman have celebrated 60 years of wedded bliss with a double suprise.

A party was arranged for them at Oaktree Court by daughter Glynis, who had to let her Dad in on the secret at the last minute when she discovered he was planning to take Eileen, a resident at the Care Home, out for a meal. Family and friends packed the home’s Badger Sett Dining room which had been converted into a party venue with flowers, balloons, streamers and banners.

House Chef Julie Sellick made the celebration cake and provided a buffet and Care Worker Rosemarie Stevens came in on her day off to help the party go with a swing. Then, just before Glynis was due to fly home, news came that a Grandson had arrived in New Zealand making Haydn & Eileen Great Grandparents.