Cracking the secret to a happy marriage

AN ENIGMA – code breaker and her flying instructor husband celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary recently.


Phyllis and Hugh Jones, both 95, hosted a party for friends and family on Thursday, at Milton Ernest Care Home Bedford.


Jones said: “You can take four years off our marriage because we didn’t
see each other during the war. “ I think the best thing about being
married for us was being parents. We have two sons, and we also really
enjoy doing things together.


“I think the secret to a long and happy marriage is working at it”.


The Joneses got married in 1939 but were separated when the Second World War broke out and Mr Jones joined the RAF.


was stationed in Malta, where he became a flying instructor training
bomber pilots, before returning to the UK after the war to take over his
father’s bespoke tailoring business.


the war Mrs. Jones worked at Bletchley Park where she worked to crack
the Nazi’s Enigma code system. Mr. Jones said “When we were younger we
had lots of hobbies, we enjoyed doing the garden”.


29th July 2010