Our care plans

Our care plans

Following a consultation with all our residents and relatives we draw up comprehensive plans of care reflecting individual needs and choices. These are regularly discussed and updated. Our unique and skilled programmes of care focus on enabling individuals to attain or retain their optimum independence, in all aspects of their lives. Our homes are uniquely focussed on promoting choices.

Key features...

  • Care plans are drawn up after full consultation
  • Residents have their own care plans reflecting personal needs
  • Care plans are constantly reviewed and updated

"Mum needed someone 24 hours, this place impressed us because of the staff and decor."

Yvonne Wilcoxon, daughter of resident Alice Arm

Freedom of choice

Our aim is to make you feel safe in the knowledge that this is indeed the perfect environment in which to make your home and that you retain choice for the way you live your life.

Our care plans clearly detail how choices in care delivery should be achieved, evaluated and reviewed. The document is maintained in a respectful manner and stored confidentially.