Oaktree Court Care Home Waves Goodbye to their Chicks! Animal Therapy Success

Tomorrow we will wave goodbye to our temporary residents here at Oak Lodge. The chicks will be leaving us. Our carer, Grace has decided to give them a new home at her house, to eventually join the rest of her chickens.
We have had such a lovely time and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from watching them hatch to seeing them grow daily. We are enjoying our last day of cuddles, they have brought everyone so much joy. Animal therapy for our residents at its best.

Lashbrook House Celebrate St. Georges Day

Lashbrook celebrated St George’s Day. Loui the Chef was St George, Chris and Jullio took turns as the dragon. The English Beef Roast and Yorkshire Puddings went down well with all the residents. After lunch, we sang some stirring hymns from the Ipad. Jersualem, There will always be an England. All the residents sang along, a couple became a little emotional. Michelle then entertained with some upbeat music and singing.

Loui and myself did a little reinactment of St George slaying the dragon. We finished by having a little tipple of mead old English wine. Tom Harman Smith was dancing in the chair. Peggy Nutter who use to be a dancer and relates to dancing mainly, due to her being deaf, danced with great co-ordination. She smiled and clapped. Ida Dunning who has been at Lashbrook for one year, has never danced before. She is normally quite a loner, suddenly she was stood up and wanted to dance.

From Lashbrook House to Brazil!

All the residents were treated to a day in Brazil. Jullio and Lucy  (Lashbrook Carers), who are from Brazil were keen for this day to happen. The chef cooked a delicious Brazillian lunch, whilst we had Brazillian Carnival music playing in the background. Most of our residents wore hats to be part of the carnival. We even had a couple of cowboys join the procession. After lunch, we discussed the country of Brazil, followed by quiz. Then we had Samba dancing, with Carnival Music followed by a Brazillian cocktail. Which consisted of white rum, fresh limes, soda water, and sugar. Sheila Mitchell, who has been quite unwell recently commented  the food was delicious, she said she liked the atmosphere of the afternoon. Phillipa Tom Harman Smith’s daughter, was working and said she really wanted to come along.

Oak Lodge Sky Dive for Charity

A team from Oak Lodge Care Home recently took part in a charity sky dive to raise money for Age UK.

A team of six staff members from the home jumped at the airfield at Dunkswell.  The Team jumped from 15000 feet on Saturday 25th March.  Healthcare Assistant Abbie Sergent who works in The Acorns suite caring for residents living with a dementia   said “Age UK” was an obvious choice for us to fundraise for.  They are the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. Age UK provide services and support at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people.  All of the Oak Lodge staff support the campaign to help reduce lonelines and enable older people to love later life.

Abbie’s colleague Jo Molony added, “The whole team would like to thank all the staff at Sky Dive Buzz for their help on the day.  It was an experience that far exceeded our expectations.  The instructors were so professional and helpful and really put our minds at ease.    Overall our team raised in the region of £2400 for AGE UK, although the exact total is yet to be confirmed.  We would like to thank Majesticare and everyone else for their support and sponsorship donations.

Time for a Cuppa – Success at The Mount

Staff, residents, friends and visitors of The Mount Care Home baked cakes to raise funds for DementiaUK’s Time for a Cuppa campaign.  On Sunday 5th March 2017 the cakes were sold whilst enjoying listening to music from an accordion player.  In addition staff and residents at The Mount dressed up as movie icons from some recent training with ‘Ladder to the Moon’. Characters included Charlie Chaplain, Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery! The day was a great success, full of fun and laughter.  The amount raised on the day was £51.45 !!

Spring Has Arrived with a Bounce!

Spring arrived with a bounce at Oaktree Court this Friday when two of this season’s first born lambs arrived to see the residents. Willie (boy lamb) and Leah (girl lamb) both just two weeks old, arrived courtesy of Kath Hill, one of Oaktree Court’s most treasured friends, and wife of the late Les Hill, who lived at Oaktree Court for the last years of his life.

Leah didn’t actually have a name on her arrival, but was named by Jack Lowman’s family after his granddaughter, Leah, who gave Leah her bottle of milk.

Kath has said when the next lambs arrive, she will be in again. “It was such a relaxing visit”, said Kath, “The residents seemed just as relaxed as the lambs, and it’s lovely to come back and visit everyone”.

Oaktree Court’s Horse Visit was a Winner!

On Thursday Oaktree Court residents enjoyed a trip to the Conquest Riding Centre, near Taunton which is a charity that specialises in experiences for disabled people and offers various equine experiences for the local community.

As they have several “horsey” residents, Bubbles Clyde-Smith (owns horses) and Jack Hosegood (ex Master of Foxhounds) enjoyed being around the horses and the smells that are so familiar to them. Joan Coombes, David Garbutt and Andrew Thacker also went along and everyone enjoyed a drink in the cafe whilst watching an indoor riding lesson before touring the stables and feeding the horses with carrots!

Panto comes to Lashbrook!

Fun and laughter was had by all. The Shaddow  Pantomime Company to put on a voluntary performance for Lashbrook House Care Home. The residents were enthralled, from watching the set being created from the lights and music  to  the colourful visual costumes of all the characters. Everyone followed the story and interacted with the appropriate boos and hisses as the plot unfolded. Christina MacMillan, who previously worked for the BBC, included some ad-lib sections into her performance. Everyone laughed – including the cast! After the Pantomime, when ice creams were served, Christina commented  “That was such good fun do they have to go?” Many of residents and resident’s families commented how much they had enjoyed the show. Especially Philippa the daughter of Tom Harman Smith who commented – “Tom smiled through the whole performance”!

Happy Couple Celebrate 25 years of Marriage

John Killick and his wife Rosemary celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a special private lunch in the Somerset Suite with family.  Rosemary has also spent some time at Oaktree for respite care following an operation so knows many people here.

They had a lovely lunch, champagne and a cake showing that life doesn’t have to stop when you live at Oaktree.

Killick cutting cake