Taz is a Welcome Addition to Our Home

Taz has been a welcome addition to our home.

He has such a calming influence and has helped reduce signs of stress, depression and anxiety in some of our residents. He provides comfort and unconditional love to them, their families and even the staff when times get tough. 

 We’ve found that Taz has been an incredible comfort to residents and families at the end of life stage. He has the amazing ability to sense when someone is poorly. One example of this is when he slept outside the door of a lady who had reached end of life, and even kept popping his head in around the door almost to check on the lady and her family throughout the nights. He did this up until the day she passed away. Taz also started sleeping in the room of another lady who was at the end of life stage, again staying in the room until she peacefully passed away. He brought great comfort to her family who even mentioned him in a thank you card for the staff!

 Many of our residents have previously had pets including cats and have missed having them around. Having Taz curled up on their lap, watching him stretched out in the sun, or even feeding him his meals has brought back a sense of reminiscence and normality.