Lashbrook House Celebrate St. Georges Day

Lashbrook celebrated St George’s Day. Loui the Chef was St George, Chris and Jullio took turns as the dragon. The English Beef Roast and Yorkshire Puddings went down well with all the residents. After lunch, we sang some stirring hymns from the Ipad. Jersualem, There will always be an England. All the residents sang along, a couple became a little emotional. Michelle then entertained with some upbeat music and singing.

Loui and myself did a little reinactment of St George slaying the dragon. We finished by having a little tipple of mead old English wine. Tom Harman Smith was dancing in the chair. Peggy Nutter who use to be a dancer and relates to dancing mainly, due to her being deaf, danced with great co-ordination. She smiled and clapped. Ida Dunning who has been at Lashbrook for one year, has never danced before. She is normally quite a loner, suddenly she was stood up and wanted to dance.