From Lashbrook House to Brazil!

All the residents were treated to a day in Brazil. Jullio and Lucy  (Lashbrook Carers), who are from Brazil were keen for this day to happen. The chef cooked a delicious Brazillian lunch, whilst we had Brazillian Carnival music playing in the background. Most of our residents wore hats to be part of the carnival. We even had a couple of cowboys join the procession. After lunch, we discussed the country of Brazil, followed by quiz. Then we had Samba dancing, with Carnival Music followed by a Brazillian cocktail. Which consisted of white rum, fresh limes, soda water, and sugar. Sheila Mitchell, who has been quite unwell recently commented  the food was delicious, she said she liked the atmosphere of the afternoon. Phillipa Tom Harman Smith’s daughter, was working and said she really wanted to come along.