Spring Has Arrived with a Bounce!

Spring arrived with a bounce at Oaktree Court this Friday when two of this season’s first born lambs arrived to see the residents. Willie (boy lamb) and Leah (girl lamb) both just two weeks old, arrived courtesy of Kath Hill, one of Oaktree Court’s most treasured friends, and wife of the late Les Hill, who lived at Oaktree Court for the last years of his life.

Leah didn’t actually have a name on her arrival, but was named by Jack Lowman’s family after his granddaughter, Leah, who gave Leah her bottle of milk.

Kath has said when the next lambs arrive, she will be in again. “It was such a relaxing visit”, said Kath, “The residents seemed just as relaxed as the lambs, and it’s lovely to come back and visit everyone”.