Lashbrook house form a knitting Circle

Louise Light  Leisure and Lifestyle Manager  found out there were a number of residents who enjoyed knitting.  She spoke to  Sara Taylor a Lashbrook Volunteer and asked if she had any knitting skills. Sara told us that is she is knitting blanket squares for the Royal Berks Special Care Unit. The organisation is called Buscot. Some of our residents who use to knit were keen at first to just watch. Ida Dunning one of our residents was quite interested and asked Sarah all about the knitting.  Ida doesn’t usually sit for very long during activities but  she sat  for the whole session and was happy to chat and crochet, Ida is also quite hard of hearing, but she couldn’t stop chatting about what she was doing. She commented ‘ I really  am enjoying  this”   The home know has a Knitting Circle for the residents who want to join in. “Louise said it great that not only are they knitting but they are doing it for a good cause”